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Knight's Report: The Siege at Nusero Castle - Orcs vs Knights

Below is the events that occured on 4-20-2019 at Nusero Castle between the Knight's Guild and the three Orc Clans (Bloodrock, Bloodclan and Boulderfist). There was a No-Loot/No-Rez-Kill RoE in place that was well respected by both sides, encouraging more events like this to come. It was a lot of fun and we wish to share it with ye all in the following account, in which anyone can try out RP and become a Knight or an Orc. Just contact one of the leaders! Huzzah!

The Siege at Nusero Castle, 618 AC

A cold and hard rain beat on the castle walls as Knight's patrolled the battlements that night... War drums were heard in the distance, proving that our scouts reports were accurate. Three Orc clans joined forces to lay siege to Nusero Castle, home of the Knight's Guild where their quest to know their past had now, at this very moment, become a quest for survival.

It was as if they had rode the lightning itself to our castle, for one moment there was nothing, and with the blinding flash of a massive bolt of lightning, their army appeared before the gates in the dark gray backdrop of the sea... Three distinct banners were risen against us, united in a greed that would not leave empty handed. The Bloodrock Clan, the Bloodclan and the Boulderfist Clan. Their army was more than we expected... how did *this* many slip by our scouts?... No matter. It was time to defend all we had built.

The Orcs demanded "SHINEYS" which meant gold and looking at the size of their army there was no amount of gold in any castle in Avadon that would pay this ransom! Instead, we gave them blood... After a very few and simple words exchanged, it was as if the storm itself was the maestro orchestrating this event, for the next crash of lightning had sent the Orcs into a full charge at the gates as if it were their signal to attack!

Outnumbered at odds that seemed impossible, the Knights fought valiantly, but lo, their first line of defense had fallen and the Orcs made it into the castle courtyard. Bodies piled high as the storm of violence waged in symphony with the anger of the skies. The castle was stained with the blood of fallen warriors, both man and orc, but the sheer number and strength of the orc clans was unstoppable.

Taking the courtyard, they used many axes to break through our main gates with a ferocity I have never seen in any man, not even the greatest lumberjacks of Terran! Massive grizzly bears at their heels, they breached the gate... They made it into the castle; would all be lost?...

It would have seemed like the end for the Knights, but they had one defense the Orcs were not prepared for, and the Knights did not know they had it either... Grog. As the siege continued and the Orcs fought their way to the second floor of the castle. Here, the Knight's guarded their treasure from many archaeological digs, but the Orcs seemed to pay no attention to the shineys therein when they caught a glimpse of our bar and alcohol stocks, of which we've come accustomed to -- Grog. A hard drink that any common man's body would reject without a seasoned liver. And the knights might not have had enough gold to pay off the Orcs, but they did have enough alcohol. The orcs sacked the castle leaving the Knights almost completely out of ale even! This is just not acceptable!!

And with the last barrel carried out of the castle, as if a sign of mercy from the Virtues, the clouds parted and the sun shone through the castle courtyard, sending away the storm and the orcs with it. They have been satiated, today, but were it not for luck and so much alcohol in the castle, the Orcs might not have stopped until every last knight was dead and the entire castle sacked, history and all...

The Siege of Nusero Castle is to be a written and recorded moment in history in the chronicles of Avadon. The dead are still being counted...

This calls for a response! We want our ales back! We need every willing and able man or woman with virtue in their hearts and the strength to wear platemail to join us! This quest of ours has become about more than our history! It is now about survival (and ale)! Who's with'meh!? HUZZAH!!

We'll get ye orcs.....

(OOC: Amazingly fun time! Definitely looking forward to more in the future! Huzzah, Orcs and Knights!!!)
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I came across this fantastic read again and wish I had gotten video of the event. If you ever do something like this again, you've got to let me know ;) By the way, I made a little something extra for you because I love the images here and in your other threads.