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Lootable common NPC clothing and gear?


I have spent a few moments looking for a reason as to why the humanoids won't let me loot their clothes, but I can't find anything. If this has been discussed elsewhere then please ignore me and forgive me for my ignorance. Obviously this is intended, I suppose? But since this is the space for suggestions and ideas I want to suggest being able to loot these things! It is perhaps not a very convincing argument, but in my eyes it always made the game feel slightly more alive. While out hunting humanoids, brigands and orcs or whatever else, I remember picking up trophies along the way, a hat, a kilt, some boots, a better-than-nothing piece of armor, and wear them. In emergencies one could also cut certain pieces of clothing into a single bandage. But now, today, I kill these humanoids and as I go in to undress them their clothes and gear just dissolve into the void, it's like grasping at a cloud!

Perhaps more actionable, if I am missing something very important regarding why this situation is as it is: If it has to do with the impact of fancy looking items on the long-term player economy, then couldn't certain exotic or desirable pieces be newbified/blessed to the NPC and invisible to the player upon looting, while the more standard pieces drop as they uh, normally would?

Thank you for reading and have a good day!
This would bring back some immersion for sure. Also helpful when out soloing in the wilderness to get some armor if needed. Or even a friggin sash.