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Magic item reroll and mastery crafted perks for dexxers


Let us reapply magic item prefixes to override the entire other one, or have a way to reroll the magic prefixes.

Out of my 150 magic bow collection , 0 were found by me in 2 years useful for my build. With archery patch coming , bows are even more scarce now.

Dexxers are a bit gear dependent to maximize accuracy (magic items) and heavily discussed archer feels punishing on slow swing speeds.

A. Make a master’s touch carpentry /blacksmith craft perk for archery/2h weapons (halberd etc) that adds 10% accuracy, can ONLY occur on avar grade equipment.

B. Allow slayer perks to be removed from garbage items with a 25% chance to apply it to another weapons

C. Possibly allow removing magic stats from one weapon and applying to another, max perk modified 1 and cannot already exist on that weapon (only exists then locked once successfully upgraded)

This lets us make combo items that are essential for builds.

Possibly make it 100% but introduce a new trade item as a byproduct of melting gear down (essence/wood/iron etc + maji dust) or some type of fun quest system to make a legendary magic item

Win win for dexxers qol + pk vendor economy