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Mastery Chain Link Types updated after the Wildlands Expansion from 2024.05.18

Tyr Antilles

Until the official page (https://uooutlands.com/wiki/Mastery_Chain#Mastery_Chain_Link_Types) will be updated, you can use this updated Mastery Chain Link table: https://mega.nz/file/pCJ1GRyZ#LMOawX_JJikPSsgAJAcaCKKkIGFBDAaR5a93ZrSbNWc




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Done. I double checked the list with a Chain Link Tome. On the latest ODS spreadsheed I placed on the first Sheet the updated links like they were on the Wiki with the new ones added on the bottom, on the second Sheet the same links arranged as they can be found on a Mastery Chain Link Tome and finally on the 3rd sheet as the chain links were before the Wildlands expansion.