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Quite frequently I get requests from players asking to meet with so-and-so NPC in the game to discuss some topic or another; or a player or group of players will go to such-and-such NPC in the game for answers or discussion only to have them be mute or respond with the same canned messages on repeat. As much as I enjoy in-game interactions with players and enriching the world and lore of Avadon, I have very little time to do much within UO due to RL circumstances, and the time I do have for UO is split between these smaller interactions, setting up events, or working on other projects as needed such as dungeons, monsters, etc. To put it plainly, there is far more demand for character interactions (especially with the more important NPCs, such as the various rulers of the kingdoms) than I can possibly satiate; likewise, other staff don't really have the amount of time required to meet this demand either.

So the Missives system is something I would like to try out. I am not sure how popular or useful it will be, but it took all of 2 minutes to set up so if it doesn't work out it's no loss.

If you wish to correspond with any of the Kings and Queens or other Avadonian characters, you now may submit your questions, discussions, letters, etc, to an appropriate Missive dropbox.

Located at the Andarian castle, Prevalian castle, and Cambrian palace, you will find two boxes. One box (the golden one on the left) will be for you to submit your missives. These can be written on any of the regular NPC-bought books. The colored box on the right is a reply box. When a reply is drafted by the corresponding King, Queen, or other character, it will be placed here, adjacent to the original missive. These will be cleared out from time to time to make room for new ones and so I can archive them in the Prevalian Library if needed.


The idea here is to allow players to "interact" with the major NPCs of Avadon while allowing myself, Atropa, or other staff to draft in-character responses when time allows for us to do so.



When submitting a missive, be sure to include to whom it is addressed (Regent Cailith, Chancellor Xibald, Queen Kiriana, Calryn of the Iron Assault, etc) in the title, and be sure to include the character submitting the missive as the author.

By default, the replies will be placed in the corresponding reply box. However, if directions in the original missive submitted by a player include coordinates for a locked-down container on a door step or other such reachable location, I will endeavor to put the reply there but only if the matter discussed is meant to be particularly private. Since these are widely public figures being addressed, their responses do tend to be matter of public record and likely will be in the public reply box.

As of right now, these are the only three Missive Dropbox locations and are meant for players to be able to directly address each of the main kingdom's rulers or other characters that reside within those areas. If there is a demand for other locations be added for other NPCs, please feel free to suggest it here.

Thank you!