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Mount up

Slowly Mul'Grat crept through the underbrush to stop under the branches of a small oak tree to inspect the ground. He glances down and slowly scans the area, painting a mental picture for himself reading the clues left behind that no normal eye could discern. He breaths slowly and deeply tasting the air and then moves back, disappearing into the shadows.

He was too late again. Cursing his bad luck the orc slowly throws himself into a trot that steadily eats up the ground as he heads to his next hunting spot. He had become supremely adept at stalking the humans of this land and the abilities that he had unlocked and honed since coming have turned him into a killing machine. However the opportunities to catch his quarry had been frustratingly few and far between.

He begins to slow down as he reaches his next destination. The fort these Blouderfist orcs based out of was always a fun place to visit. Sporting gory trophies with mounds equal parts shinies and equal parts heads strewn about the area Mul couldn't help but grin to himself. He wasn't so sure about this but he was told there was blood to be spilled so here he was.

As he slowly walks out several orcs notice him and nod as he slowly passes making his way towards a loud commotion on the far side of the clearing. As he approaches he begins to see other Bloodclan orcs loitering about and getting ready for a raid. There weren't many but that was often the case these days. The Bloodgod calls his children to fight in many lands not just this one and as such many of his fellow Bloodclan members had been raiding with other local orc outfits such as this one.

"There you are brother" a deep guttural voice says. Looking over he sees the owner of the voice he felt more than heard. An orc of great age looked back at him lounging casually on a bench, leaning against the palisade wall. Slowly he stood with the help of a staff covered in sigils that appeared to have their own light source thrumming to an unheard beat, small trinkets and pieces of bone dangling off the top and from various pouches about his person. His frame is covered in a robe of darkest green and grey marks his braided beard with the occasional bit of gemstone woven intricately within several of the dreads. His robe did nothing to hide the graceful movement of an apex predator as he moved to meet his brother with a natural strength and grace born through decades of experience.

Mul'Grat grins evilly as he makes his way over to his eldest brother, leader of their family and founder of the Howlur's tribe.

"I haven't had any luck although I can tell the pack is close and I am getting closer to finding their lair" Mul reports to his older brother.
"I also came across some track from a merchant caravan only a couple hours south of here that likely will be setting camp for the night soon. They are traveling west but i have been unable to locate a pack of Warg nor any Howlur brothers of note able to bond to our cause" He grumbles as he spits.

"It is of no consequence for now brother..." Kurgs red eyes brighten slightly with intensity "Or brothers of the Blouderfist clan has been gracious enough to find us mounts suitable to handle orcish blood lust. These ostards while not as noble as the Warg nor our Howlur brothers but will serve their purpose in helping us run down these sniveling humans as they flee across the lands. In the meantime we will continue searching for our lost brothers... The spirit of the great Howlur has told me he is sending his children here have only to be vigilant."

Grabbing his brother by the arm he slowly turns him towards the waiting Boulderfist orcs, "Until then we will use what tools there are available to us to bring these human cubs to heel. We have limited amounts of these frenzied fuud for us to use so dispatch them carefully. Cunning and tactics are still our best tools but we will use what tools the Bloodgod gives us to serve his purpose." He finished while grinning evilly.

"Now you said something about a merchant caravan?...." he smiles as a low and evil laugh slowly start to rumble out of his chest.