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My wishlist and qol thread going into 2021


1. Magic items dropped by paragorns/minis/bosses/t8 maps/omnis should have higher chances of dropping higher quality weapons/books (minimum of 2 modifiers, higher quaility)

2. Remove scrolls from mini/boss/paragorns/tmap8/omni boss loot pools

3. Mini: if more than 4 players bump difficulty 25% every 4 people or so. Except darkmire, f darkmire. Other than darkmire they drop too fast with 12-20 players.

4. Create more pvp at bosses: any looting by non-Guild (even alliance) members flags grey.

5. Build trap areas in dungeons players can “arm and activate” or disarm.

6. Automate less fun/monotonous tasks
- officers storing gold from boss/guild content to treasury (create a alliance banker, treasury deposit
- research/lore material drop off treasury box that pays out materials in a guild set rate
-more bottles, regs, blank scrolls spending an hour to find spider silk isnt alot of fun.... or more towns/vendors
-bulk bottle deeds + 1gp per unit gold sink
-bulk reg deeds + 1 gp per unit sink
-bulk bolts/arrows + 1gp per unit
-bulk scrolls

7. Poison bandage cure and rez chance at 1/2 timer (5s). 120 dex lower bandage and swing timers. This boosts dexxers. Higher stamina base regen.

8. Ranger guild: 120arms/100archer/100tactics/100anatomy: 5% accuracy, 5% swing speed, 1 range bow, 2 range xbow/heavy, 1 bonus damage dice 1d4 (6 or 8)

9. 30min omni cooldown (from 60)

10. Elder rift demon: Mobs that drop 4000gp (12x hp of demon) and summons rifts mage/demons


**small QOL improvement:**
a. decrease gold weight 20% (if not we need a mass deflation of gold from pvm loot and the economy lol)

b. decrease essence consumption by 20% (or increase return rate of magic item essence by 20%)

C. Bag of holding can be crafted (or prev item). Hold reagents and gold only. Decreases the weight of both by 50%. However the contents empty to your corpse on death similar to DND.
nothing massive, just would be a bit less micromanagement. Outlands is very unique, but these systems are also unique (gold/loot and essence), but become burdens (camping is amazing , pack horses are not). Perhaps it starts at 20% decrease but if you have 80 magery it bumps to 40% then 50% at gm

**officer QOL improvement:**
a. find a way to simplify boss gold to guild treasury. 25 prev store "gold treasurer deposit box" that deposits gold after 30 seconds to guild funds. has to be locked in guildhouse. This box only accepts gold.

b. research material exchange box 25 prev store item. guilds can set a treasury price and research materials can be dropped into it, once absorbed it spits out a check from the guild funds or puts it in the player's bank on the agreed upon price (15k, 20k, 25k etc) that the guild sets. Simplify the interface so it has reasonable values like (10k, 15k, 20k, 25k, 30k, 35k, 40k, 50k but thats about it)

c. announcement bot statue for guild house 25 prev store item. Can repeat a single short message once every 30-60 seconds . Officers or those with permission can set a message that repeats for up to one week. maybe something cool like the cat statue from halloween but new (house goblin idk)... "reminder XYZ is summoning omni on Tuesday at 6pm Central"