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Should we ban PVP outside of the arena?

  • Yes

  • No

Results are only viewable after voting.
After joining the shard I noticed here in the forums that even though Red and Grey play styles have been excessively nerfed, they're still a hot topic among those who wish to see them gone for good. So why don't we bring it to a vote? Once and for all for the ultimate player recommended outcome, do we disable all aspects of PVP, perhaps short of Arena combat?

Maybe if the vote fails to ban PVP you could find a solution similar to how grey hat hackers operate, where as the "solution" is in creating a problem. In other words, become the murderer and thief that you so despise. Grief and troll until you develop carpal tunnel, back issues, and morbid obesity from sitting at your desk all day targeting shard newbs, tamers, and resource gatherers. This way when they cry "ADMIN!" they'll do it with such force and ferocity that the admins will have no choice but to take permanent decisive action against all who have wronged you in game.