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GUIDE New Player Tutorial YouTube Series for Outlands


Launching a new series of videos to guide new players on Outlands. The videos will cover everything from downloading the game to running your first dungeon to PvP.

Current Content:
Ep1 Download and Character Creation
Ep2 Initial Client/Razir Setup
Ep3 Skill System and Camping Start
Ep4 new player dungeon run
Ep5 How to get around the world + Ultima Mapper
Ep6 How to shop and supply yourself
Ep7 How to start as a mage

Future Content:
Ep8 Modding the client
Ep9 New Player Friendly Builds
Ep10 Your 1st dungeon run!
Ep11 In depth Razor/ClassicUO setup
Ep12 UOSteam and Macros
Ep13 PvP pt 1 Defense
Ep14 PvP pt 2 Builds, t2a mechanics, tactics
Ep15 Aspect Gear

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