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New UO Outlands podcast has launched

Join us live in our Discord this Thursday at 7pm PST as we interview Jaedan! He works on the fork of the Orion client for Outlands and was recently drafted to help sort out the recent lag issues.
Every week at 7pm PST Thursday. Took off last week for Thanksgiving. This week is a roleplaying focused episode. Join our discord to keep up to date with the show and send in questions.
Dunzo? Nah! Life happens for us around the holidays as both of us have ALOT of kids. We also play other things so a podcast just around one game is rough for us to maintain weekly. I'd say the show is more likely on hold to be picked up again as we come and go with Outlands and how intensely we are playing it.

We do run another podcast that does cover Outlands just much more briefly: http://thesandbox.mmosmacktalk.com/