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WTS ONCE IN A LIFETIME FOREVER HOME! PLOT FITS 2 LARGE TOWERS! (Several other large homes) 10-seconds from south PREV BANK! Potential Great Guild Base!

About the Plot

NOTE: This auction is for the plot of land only and the several small houses in the location currently holding the plot.
This areais a short 10-second run from south prev bank. Located on a road, surrounded by mountains and trees, and a private river flowing in front.
This area is very private and secluded yet very close to town. One of the largest available plots so close to a town.

Towers are 31 secures EACH on this server so you are bidding on a potential plot of land to support 62 SECURES!

Let's Talk Price

Opening BID - 20 million (will take a combination of gold and prev coins @5k per)
Automatic BUYOUT - 40 million

ALL Bids will be post on this forum and the auction will end in 1-week. GOOD LUCK!