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Orc Warband - open invite to all players - come have some fun 12PM EST 1/14/19

Sound the bells! Light the torches! Hide your daughters... and your grandmothers!

Citizens of Avadon! I have an announcement to make! I have scouted deep in the forest of Nursero Isle and found an orc warband growing in numbers! I fear lots of blood and guts will be spilled and made into decorative necklaces and crotch garments.

This is a dark time indeed. I overheard the leader of the black butt tribe Zu'nkna talking of an alliance with all orcs for a warband to drive back the oomies (as they call us) from all the lands of Avadon. The troubling part is that Zu'nkna said she did not care about what skill or brutality any orc had, as long as they called themselves and orc and wanted to slaughter oomies then they were welcome! So prepare yourselves outlands! Chaotic orc warbands are coming to a dungeon near you!

Lastly, I was lucky enough to catch a baby orc for some baby orc soup and even that little beast had a letter from Zu'nkna. I had to torture my well-endowed orc lover for a week to get him to translate this gibberish for me:

Urk! Urk! Urk! Tell dem udder urks! Urk Wurband here! Nub neeb tur be skillfel Me axxept all dem urks!

Into the following message:

Bring your friends!
Orc Warband forming!
ONLY RULE: Must have orc name and wear orc helm (provided)
Meetup at 1/14/19 12PM EST in DISCORD:
Once you join see Pinned Message to change your nickname to the name of your orc character.
Feel free to go ahead and join discord channel.
We will raid dungeons as a group until death!
Much chaos and laughter will ensue.
There will be a voice channel where we will talk and laugh and be stupid!
Stay in the orc channel for future spur of the moment Warband raids.

**You do not have to be any type of roleplayer if you are nervous just come and spam ORC ORC in game with us as we run around attacking any player we see. We promise it is just going to be an enjoyable raid on dungeons... well enjoyable for us anyways!... or... we will die in a fire fighting to the death!**
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