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Ossuary 4 Reclamation - Begins Saturday, Feb 15th


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The Ossuary 4 Reclamation Event will go live on Saturday, Feb. 15th and ends when enough Ossuary Artifacts have been appraised!

Due to his work with the Cavernam Expedition, Arthus, the newly appointed Historical Preservation Officer of the Cambria Archaeological Society, has been tasked with uncovering the mysteries that have arisen during the Ossuary Campaign. He will need the assistance of players to discover and decipher the secrets of the Ossuary...

On the other hand, players can decide that the depths of the Ossuary should not be tampered with, given the nature of what has occurred during the Ossuary Campaign, and stop research towards it by killing the players assisting the Cambria Archaeological Society! The outcome is completely dynamic and dependent on the Outlanders decisions!
*Content may change at any time. Make sure to check back often and in-game*

How Do I Participate?
  • Discover Ossuary Artifacts to uncover the secrets of the Ossuary dungeon
  • Return discovered Ossuary Artifacts to Arthus to have them appraised
  • Work with cunning craftsmen to increase the value of your objects (at your own risk!)
  • Or you can stand against evil and thwart any players attempting to open this most heinous and nefarious tomb and deny the uncovering of it!
  • If/when the progress bar has been completed, levels 3.5 and 4 of Ossuary will open!


What are Ossuary Artifacts?
  • Found only within Ossuary dungeon
    • Stumbling upon them
    • Looting them from monsters
  • Ossuary Artifacts cannot be stolen
  • Ossuary Artifacts will break if a player dies while carrying one
  • Ossuary Artifacts will break at the end of the event
    • They need to be properly preserved and archived by an expert

How Do I Earn Event Points?
  • Players earn Event Points by taking Ossuary Artifacts to Arthus, the Historical Preservation Officer
    • Located in Cambria
    • Can be turned in by multiple characters, but it is highly recommended to turn all artifacts on one character
  • Ossuary Artifacts have a 20% of being revealed as a "Counterfeit"
    • If it is considered a Counterfeit, it is worth 0 Event Points


What is a Forgery Kit?:
  • Players can use Forgery Kits to increase the level of an Ossuary Artifact
    • Can be found as loot from monsters throughout the world
    • There is a chance of it being discovered as a Forgery when appraised (Worth 0 Event Points)
    • A player with a crafting skill (Blacksmithing/Carpentry/Tailoring/Tinkering/Inscription) using a Forgery Kit reduces this chance by 10% * (Skill / 120)
    • Forgery Kits have a 60% chance to upgrade an Ossuary Artifact by one level, 30% chance to upgrade it by two levels, and 10% chance to upgrade it by three levels (Ossuary Artifacts cannot be improved beyond level 10)
  • Forgery Kits will stop spawning at the end of the event but will NOT be deleted


Event Score Prizes:
  • The Ossuary Artifacts will be distributed to players who have achieved an Event Score at the end of the event
  • All Ossuary Artifacts not properly preserved will break at the end of the event
  • This event is NOT intended to be completed in a few hours

Lore of the Ossuary Campaign:

The Rising Sands
The Wailing Souls of Cavernam
The Bloody Sands
The Spilling Sands

The Ossuary Tablets
The Drowning Sands

*Many thanks to Luthius, Owyn, Erik Gray and everyone else that has helped with this whole event arc!*
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It got XP gain! ;)
That it did, and the pumped up respawn rates are fantastic there, even though there were tons of people in the dungeon, while you sometimes had to move around, and wait at times, there was always tons of mobs popping - even at times getting overwhelmed. I know I stated it in discord, would love to see these respawn rates kept in other level 3 dungeons, it really allows for groups to go into a dungeon and have some fun, without clearing it out instantly. You also mentioned you've recommended weekly pumped up spawn rate dungeons, that'd be great too, it'd still give that outlet for groups!


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Here is the final Event Score from the Ossuary Reclamation! Congrats to Boosoof on leading the charge to appraise Ossuary Artifacts and unleash the terrors of levels 3.5 and 4!

Ossuarian Hieroglyphs are now dropping in Ossuary 4! Combine multiple panels into complete murals!