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PATCH Patch Notes for April 1st, 2021


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New Player Dungeon
  • Due to an clerical error, Glavos the Guard has been temporarily replaced with Glavos the Gourd

  • In order to appeal to the casual gamer crowd, Mongbats have been replaced with Amongbats

Young Players
  • We have replaced the Young player system with a new and exciting subscription service called OnlyTrams, where players can watch sexy UO players tackle Trammel-ized, instanced content in the Nude Player Dungeon
  • Players must be 18 minutes or older to participate in the OnlyTrams service

Mount Breeding
  • The Mount Breeding system has temporarily been replaced with a new Mouth-Breathing system

New Rare Hue
  • We have introduced a new hue to the Prevalia Market available for purchase, known as Shimmer Seizure
  • We were unable to add a Ship Paint in Shimmer Seizure, however, as the color looked too glaring

  • Due to the earlier popularity of the "Big" reagents graphics mod, we have introduced an alternative "Tiny" reagents graphics mod

  • In order to better organize the upcoming Tome's Tome (an item that will allow players to organize all of their tome items into one single location) we have created a Tome's Tome Tome in order for players to organize multiple Tome's Tomes into one single location
  • We feel players will greatly benefit from being able to own a Tome's Tome Tome for their Tome's Tomes in their homes

  • All in game Captchas have been replaced with in game Gacha

NPC Vendors
  • NPC Vendors in Prevalia are currently experiencing longer than normal restocking delays for some reason

  • After listening to feedback from the playerbase, we have added several new mechanics that should allow for the In-Tents PvP Action players have been looking for

  • In order to give some more utility to the Cooking crafting skill, we have overhauled the Omni System into the Nom Nomni System

  • In an effort to satisfy the angry vegans, a Delectable Vegatarian Boiled Vegetables on Silver Tray food item is now available

Animal Taming
  • We have deleted the Animal Taming skill