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PATCH Patch Notes for April 2, 2020


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Shimmer Equinox

  • Shimmer Equinox Cloth and Items (including Carpet Dyes) have now been made available at the Prevalian Market until Sunday, April 5.



House Owner Refreshing

  • If 30 days passes without the Owner of a house refreshing it, Co-Owners and Friends will NOT be able to refresh the house until the Owner does it at least once
  • Anytime a Co-owner or Friend refreshes a house (by clicking the House Sign or using the Front Door), it will give them a system message informing them how long they have until the Owner is required to refresh the house
  • Co-Owners and Friends of a house who click on the House Sign will see how long remains until the Owner of the house must refresh it, or if it requires Owner Refresh immediately
  • If 30 days have passed without an Owner refresh, any time Co-Owners or Friends do an action that normally would refresh the house (use Sign / Front Door), they will instead receive a red text system message warning them that the owner needs to refresh the house, and a sound effect will also play


House Guild Affiliations
  • Anytime a player leaves a guild, their house will no longer be associated with that guild (if it was set to be so) and any Guildstones in the house aligned with that guild will be removed

Guild Treasuries
  • The Guild Treasury page has been re-enabled in the Guild Menu, however the Guild Dues mechanic has been permanently removed (we may use that menu real estate for a new future feature)

Dungeon Ejection
  • Whenever a player is ejected from a dungeon due to having another character on their IP Address already inside or logged out within of a dungeon, it will now state the name of that character in the system message for the player (making it easier from them to go log that character in and remove them from the dungeon)
  • If a player is ejected from a dungeon due to a Dungeon Access Restriction, such as a PK with a Aggression Restriction participating in a Dungeon Flashpoint that concludes, it will now give a specific notice for that reason (previously it erroneously notified the player they were ejected due to having existing characters in the dungeon)

Magic Item Recycler

  • Players can now choose from multiple Filter-selection modes, including whether to Match Any or Match All
  • Only one player may access a Magic Item Recycler at a time
  • Filter Settings are now persistant
  • Players may now filter by Slayer Level for items
  • Fixed a Line-of-Sight issue for using the Magic Item Recycler
  • Dropping an container into the Magic Item Recycler will attempt to open the Recycler's Menu and perform the "Dump Container" action automatically

  • Fixed an issue where the Kicker was incorrectly determined for players, particularly during Flushes and in High Card scenarios

Earth Aspect Lantern
  • Added missing Earth Aspect Lantern to Tinkering Crafting menu

Storage Shelves

  • The settings section of Storage Shelves (upper right section) has been redesigned to allow for multiple pages and a variety of new mechanics/options in the future
  • On the 3rd settings page, players can now click "View Activity Log" to see an activity summary (sorted by most recent) of all players who have used this Storage Shelf in the last 7 days, and how many Resources (such as Reagents/Bottles/Bandages) and Equipment (Weapons/Armor/Tools) they have added or removed in that timespan
  • The Owner of the house can click "Clear Activity Log" to immediately clear the Activity Log for that storage shelf
  • Commodity Deeds in a player's backpack will now be added to storage shelves when using the Restock mechanic

Carpet Tiles
  • Fixed an issue where several tile sets were missing "Square Corner" pieces
  • Two new tile sets have been added: Dyeable Gilded Blue and Dyeable Gilded Gold tiles
  • Dyeable Gilded Gold Carpet Tiles will now appear in loot tables in game
  • Dyeable Gilded Blue Carpet Tiles are now available for crafting via Tailoring
  • Players can now use the Interior Decorator to rotate Carpet Tiles



  • Fixed "overflow" progress amounts for Paragon Slayer and Paragon Hunter achievements and granted completion credit to a large number of players who now qualify for completion on those achievements
  • Any "extra" progress players were above the target amounts for those achievements have been credited towards the advanced versions of those achievements

Looting Rights

  • Overhauled the handling on looting rights for creatures (again!) to use what we will refer to as "Entities"
  • Entities include "Individual Players", "Parties", and "Guild + Alliances"
  • For the purpose of looting rights, all players in alliances will be treated as contributing to the damage totals of any other guilds they are allied with

Looting Rights Against Non-Boss Creatures
Against non-boss creatures, only the highest total damaging entity gets looting rights to it

For example, against a Spectral Terror:

1) Player A (entity) deals 20% damage to the creature
2) Party B (entity) has 2 players in it, with each dealing 15% damage to the creature (for 30% total damage)
3) Guild + Alliance C (entity) has 5 players in it, who each deal 10% damage to the creature (for 50% total damage)

In this example, every member of the Guild + Alliance C (entity) will receive looting rights because their "entity" dealt 50% total damage which is the highest amount (even though each member of the group individually dealt less damage than any other player).

Similar to before, any time a player is granted looting rights to a corpse, anyone else in their Party or who flags Green to them (such as Guildmates/Allies) automatically adopts looting rights as well

Looting Rights Against Bosses
Against bosses, multiple entities can all have looting rights, so long as each entity meets the damage threshold needed for their entity type

Individual Player Entities get looting rights against bosses if they meet the following damage thresholds:

Lore Boss / Mini Boss: 10% Damage Dealt
Boss: 5% Damage Dealt
Omni Boss or Event Boss: 2% Damage Dealt

Parties or Guilds/Alliances Entities get looting rights against bosses if they meet the following damage thresholds:

Lore Boss / Mini Boss: 30% Damage Dealt
Boss: 15% Damage Dealt
Omni Boss or Event Boss: 6% Damage Dealt

Boss Results / Tokens of Heroism / Guild Prestige
  • Allied players will NOT include their damage to allied guilds when tracking Boss Results, determining distribution of Tokens of Heroism, and for determing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Guild Prestige disbursements on bosses (these are all still done entirely on a Guild-basis)


  • Echoes will now display the top 10 Skills for a player's Echo / Current Setup (previously was 8)

Blood Aspect
  • Blood Aspect handling has been recoded and issues with players losing stats / maximum carry weight at random intervals have been resolved

Shield Taunt
  • Success cooldown for Shield Taunt is now 20 seconds (previously was 30 seconds)
  • Failure cooldown for Shield Taunt is now 5 seconds (previously was 15 seconds)
  • Shield Taunt effect durations remain the same as before (10 seconds for AoE effect and 20 seconds for specific targets)

Pack Animals

  • Pack Horses and Pack Llama will no longer follow players into Moongates (Public or Gate Travel) or via Recall if the destination is into or out of a Dungeon; players must walk Pack Animals into and out of dungeons through the entrance if they wish to use them there
  • All players can now see the carrying weights of Pack Animals (not just their owners)

Society Jobs
  • Fixed an issue where Research Materials Society Jobs would not initially show up at the start of a week

Omni System
  • Players should now be able to freely enter Omni-Gates summoned by their Allied Guilds
  • A Tome of Heroism that has been summoned will now display as "a summoned tome of heroism" when single-clicked
  • A Tome of Heroism that has been completed will now display as "a completed tome of heroism" when single-clicked

Animal Taming
  • Animal Taming attempts will now fail if the player is more than 6 tiles away from the target (previous distance was 10 tiles)

Animal Behavior
  • Players can now select for individual pets whether they want to adjust their Aggro generated (Normal / Reduced) or override what Combat Distance the creature will prefer (Melee / Spell)
  • Players can change these settings at the top of the Abilities page in the Animal Lore menu for each individual creature



  • Fixed an issue where Omni Boss damage and EventScore were using the same data in the [ServerRank results

Shrine Corruptions
  • Creatures spawned for Shrine Corruptions will now spawn in a wide radius around the Shrine location

  • Increased the number of Mortar and Pestles on Herbalists and Alchemists to 50 (previously was 10)

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to launch or view information on a ship on the second (or beyond) page of the Dockmaster menu would target ships on the first page
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new ship to the Dockmaster would result in "multiple" entries for the ship showing up initially

Town Struggles
  • Two new Town Struggle locations have been added for Cambria, and two new Town Struggle locations have been added for Andaria (bringing the total number of locations to 9)


PvP Reward Chests
  • Reward Chests for Corpse Creek Contests, Castle Sieges, and Dungeon Flashpoints may now only be looted during the initial 10 minute window by members of the winning guild who participated in the event itself (previously could be any member of the gulid)

Ship Cannons
  • Cleared a number of "orphaned" ship cannons floating in the sea from deleted ships

Ship Bombs
  • Fixed an issue where Ship Bombs would sometimes not attribute their damage as coming the last ship the player was on board (thereby reducing that ship's "doubloon" share for sinking the enemy ship)
  • If it cannot be determined which was the "last" friendly ship a player came from (especially in the case of multiple boardings/embarkings/etc, it will assign the Ship Bomb damage as coming from the closest ship friendly to the player who set the ship bomb (as a backup precaution)

Ship Placement
  • Fixed an issue where players were erroneously able to place ships into the ocean while already being on board a ship themselves

Player Death
  • Players should now have all Gumps/Menus closed upon death (as a safety precaution)

Crafting Makers Marks
  • Fixed an issue where Neckwear (such as Scarves) and Masks were overriding the crafting "Mark Item" button and forcibly adding the crafter's name to items regardless

  • Fixed several "bad" Hiking Destinations for the Druid Circle POI location in the Atlas Book


Skill Manuals
  • Fixed a display issue that was incorrectly displaying increases for using Skill Manuals (for non-Magic Resist skills) as being for 5 pts (will correctly display now as 2 pts)

Beneficial Actions
  • Players may no longer perform Beneficial actions (such as Healing/Curing) on other players while in Strangelands, and will receive a "Suspicion gnaws at you and you decide against helping a stranger..." message if attempting to do so

Group Hunters
  • Created new Strangehell Lashweed creature for Group-Hunter pack spawns
  • Group-Hunter creature stat and abilities have been buffed substantially and their AI and reaction times improved

Previous Event Records Page

  • A new Strangelands Graphic has been added to the Strangelands Records page
  • Strangelands now tracks for players points they have earned from scoring Stolen trophies (to show how much of their score comes from "other" player's trophies)
  • Strangelands now tracks for players points they "Lost" from other players scoring Trophies that were originally given to them (this amount represents 100% of the original points value of the trophy, and not the 50% reduced amount earned by the other player)

Bard Template

  • Bards have now been transitioned towards Mage-style gameplay, with stats and skills changed to reflect this (Fencing dropped, Wrestling added, Meditation improved)
  • Bards now also have Discordance skill
  • Bards now start with a full leather armor set, the Energy Bolt spell, and will encounter Magical + Crafted Instruments as loot (instead of Fencing weapons)

Ranger Template
  • Ranger's Tracking skill has been dropped to 60 (previously was 80), and Healing and Anatomy have each been increased to 90 (previously was 80)
  • When using Tracking in Strangelands, Rangers may only use the "Hunt" mechanic (and not traditional tracking)

  • The chances of finding "massive" meat and beverage items on randomized loot has been reduced significantly

Spawn Scaling
  • Recoded the handling for spawn rates for Mushrooms, Rainwater, Strangers, Creatures, Supply Crates, and Tunnels to better scale based on player population (i.e. there will be less spawns than before for smaller populations of players in Strangelands)

Misc Fixes
  • Fixed an dock area in Strangelands where players could fall off and become stuck
  • Fixed the corpse name for Aegis Liches
  • Fixed a potential crash issue with Wig Stands
  • Fixed an issue where players with a Town Struggle Kick Penalty in place werent able to use Public Moongates
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summoned bosses:
A. To contest boss you should turn grey on looting since it cost your larger guilds nothing to constantly take all the loot vs blue guilds or small guilds with no contention really since they get loot rights

B. Alternatively make them have to get 51%
Moving crimson moongates next to entrances is a terrible change for reasons that are so obvious I'm wondering if this is a late April Fool's joke?
Id like to see demon circles (crimson colorered) you can recall from level 3 and 4 but take 30 seconds to recall and cant be in pvp
Overall very good changes. Thanks.

Im missing the "harpoon bot problem"-change for 2nd and 3rd accounts. Hopefully it will be patched soon.

Only the packhorse change I cant understand. I had one packy with my dexer. He couldnt heal the packy. It needed a HUGE amount of micro to control it in the dungeon. It got also killed like 50% of the time by griefers. For me it was a fun part because we got some good fights and I had the chance of getting more gold out of what I killed before - but sometimes lost all the loot. I dont like this easy fix to just disable all packhorses.
Love the housing change & the pvp cooldown on teleport!
Taming range reduced to 6 from 10 is oof, but still reasonable.

Great Patch!
Now who cried this time? This was super cool!

I agree with Franz. I'd revert this as well, along with the new 30 second PvP teleport cooldown. Zipping by with adventurer rope + teleport was a lot of fun.

It must be situational at best that a PK group really abuses this kind of mechanic. And it can be countered by flagging on them anyway.
Wait, I saw the gates moved, I was excited to see the new pvp dynamics it will create, I wake up in the morning and they are gone. (I only and strictly play blue before anyone jumps in to conclusions.)

Why don't we as a (kind of small family) community give more temperate reactions to changes so that we will be able to test different directions on field?
Pks can still teleport + rope onto their victims you just wont see them superman through a dungeon to level 3 as quickly. Many people asked for this change in suggestions.

Id like rope to be used in pvp even if once per minute or if used and flagged for pvp (even if attack victime) it is used once and disappears since u couldn’t retrieve the rope