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PATCH Patch Notes for April 30, 2021


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Rental Rooms

Entering Rooms
  • We have removed the "Enter Room (with followers)" button from the rental room menus
  • When players click the "Enter Your Room" button, their nearby followers will join them automatically unless they are in "Stop" or "Stay" commands

Granting Other Players Access
  • Players can now click the "Invite Player" button in their Rental Room menu to add Friends/Co-Owners to their Rental Room
  • Friends of a room are allowed to visit the room but can NOT access any containers nor add/remove locked down items
  • Co-Owners of a room can visit it and CAN access any container as well as add/remove locked down items (players are warned of this when adding a Co-Owner to a rental room)

  • Players can click the Add Co-Owner and Add Friends buttons and target a nearby player to add them to the respective Co-Owner or Friends list for that rental room

  • Players can click the Left/Right arrows at the top of the menu to switch between showing the list of Friends and Co-Owners of the room
  • Players can click the button next to each player listed in the menu to remove them from that respective list
  • If a player is no longer in either of the Friends and Co-Owner's list for a room, they will be immediately ejected from the room if currently in it or will be ejected if they log into that room later on (i.e. players must be always be in one of those lists to be able to access the room)

Visit Other Rooms
  • Players can visit other player's Rental Rooms they have been given access to by opening the Innkeeper Rental Room menu (via either the Innkeeper shift-click context menu "Room/Rent" entries or by saying "Room" or "Rent" near the Innkeeper) and clicking the Visit Other Rooms button

  • If a player has been given access to a rental room by a room owner, they will see the name of the rental room's owner and the access level they were granted in a list

  • Clicking the player's name in the list will teleport the player into that other player's room (the player must be within 12 tiles of the Innkeeper and not recently been in combat)
  • Visitors to a room will see details of the room in the "Door Menu" but will only have the ability to "Exit to Town" from it

House Stewards
  • Players can now purchase House Steward Deeds from the Prevalia Marketplace under the Deeds category (can only be purchased by spending 4,000,000 gold)

  • Players can double-click a House Steward Deed within a house to place a House Steward NPC at that location (similar to placing Stablemasters, Battle Trainers, etc)
  • Once placed, players can use House Stewards in the same manner as Innkeepers for the purpose of visiting their Rental Rooms (but will NOT be able to start a new Rental Room contract from them)
  • Players can access the Rental Room menu from a house Steward by saying "Rent" or "Room" out loud near it, or shift-clicking the House Steward and clicking the "Room" button
  • Players must be within the house itself and must be a Friend, Co-Owner, or Owner of the house in order to be able to use a House Steward
  • Players may NOT place a House Steward inside of a rental room itself

  • Players who do not have Rental Rooms of their own can still access Rental Rooms that other players have given them Friend or Co-Owner access to through House Stewards via the "Visit Other Rooms" button in the rental room menu

  • If a player visits a Rental Room through a House Steward, they will have the option to "Exit to House Steward" in their rental room menu

  • Using the "Exit to House Steward" button will teleport the player to the ban location of the House Steward's house

House NPC Removal
  • Removing a house NPC such as a Stablemaster, Battle Trainer, or House Steward via the shift-click "Remove now!" context menu button now requires the player to click the button twice to confirm the removal (which converts the NPC back into a deed)

  • Players who are ejected from Dungeons (to the entrance) will have any pack animals (or tamed creatures with Mule trait) that belong to them drop their items in their backpacks to the ground before teleporting to the player's location
  • Fixed an issue that was detecting some players are being part of "Urukton Bluffs Dungeon" and being ejected to the entrance of it in certain cirumstances

Swamp Drake / Swamp Dragon
  • Swamp Drake's and Swamp Dragon's Swamp Breath ability should now correctly Hamstring players, rather than Entangle, following the rules other pets with Hinder/Entangle abilities use

  • Fixed an issue where the Charged Spell Bonus for Wrestling skill would not always display in the [PlayerStats page for players

House Decay Lottery
  • Houses that decay will not show up in the House Decay Lottery Menu until 2 hours later (to prevent players from "camping" the lottery official to determine house collapse exact times)

Boss Results
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Guild Damage and healing amounts to not display correct in Boss Results (including for Omni Links)
  • Players who did 0 damage to a boss, but did perform healing during it, will now display in the Damage results at 0 damage (so players can add them to Distribution Chests lists for their support roles)
  • Will now display a "(Contested)" in the boss results for contested bosses and "(Summoned") for guild-summoned bosses
  • Players who were part of the guild or allied to the guild that summoned a boss will see "(Summoned by X)" where X is their guild abbreviation

  • A player will always have a successful fishing attempt on their last fishing attempt of an SOS if they have not yet pulled up a creature

  • Paragon Ships will no longer have a special hue when tracked via spyglasses

Lockpicking/Remove Trap
  • Fixed an issue where the system notification messages for lockpicking and remove trap would sometimes display as 100% when not complete

Fencing Codex
  • Fixed a display issue for the Fencing "Aggressive" Codex: should now display as "Increases Attack Speed by 2.5% per rank"
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