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PATCH Patch Notes for August 15, 2019


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King's Faire Festival
  • Fixed [EventScore displays (individual Events were scored correctly, but had an issue displaying combined in the [EventScore gump)
  • Added coding to split the King's Faire into two separate weeks of scoring + prizes (individual event score and overall event scores will be reset at the end of week 1)
  • Bell Striker during week 2 will revert to being more difficult (but has correct score tracking now)

As a reminder, overall event scores for the event are calculated as follows:

Each of the 10 events individually is worth up to 100 Event Score (meaning 1st place in all 10 events would be worth 1000 event score)
For each individual event, players earn 1 event score point for each % their rank place is at; i.e. a player who is ranked 25th out of 50 players for Axe Toss is at 50% rank in the event and would earn 50 event score points towards their [Eventscore total

Prevalia Merchant Add-Ons
Added several new luxury housing Add-Ons available for gold-only purchase in the Prevalia Market, including the following:

Wooden Tub Addon

Marble Bath Addon (East)

Marble Bath Addon (South)

Stone Fishpond Addon

Marble Fishpond Addon

Inn Locations
  • Updated the Inn locations for Corpse Creek and Horseshoe Bay

Treasure Map Locations
  • Fixed a number of Treasure Map locations that had become inaccessible to players after our latest round of map updates (if you find more, please report them to staff)

Dungeon Regions
  • Updated our Dungeon Region code to add in newly added areas (mini-boss rooms) for the purpose of player Tracking (i.e. players cant track out of their current level in a dungeon)

  • The Sabeartooth Charge ability has been renamed "Chill Charge" and it's Animal Lore ability description now describes the ability correctly (previously was just listed as Charge)

Precursor Guardian and Warden
  • Damage caps have been added for Precursor Guardian and Precursor Warden abilities

Ship Notoriety
  • Players who are in a party will now flag as Green to each other on ships (specifically NPC or enemy player ships)

Ship Bombs
  • Damage inflicted from Ship Bombs now should correctly be attributed to the last ship you came from before placing the ship bomb

  • Shrine Boss and Lore Bosses knockback distances have been reduced to 1 tile (since these occur in the overworld and terrain is "variable")

Mount Crash
  • Added additional safety checks for an fluke issue involving server crashes with mount-stashing
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