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PATCH Patch Notes for August 19, 2019


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Prevalia Market
  • Shimmer Dahlia items have now been made available on the Prevalia Market Merchant
  • Shimmer Solstice items are no longer for sale on the Prevalia Market Merchant

King's Faire
  • Event Scores for the Kings Fair (Week 2) should now be displaying on the [EventScore board
  • We have fixed the issues with Bell Striker and the Drinking Contest and will be reactivating them in the next few hours
  • Adjusted the exit location for Ladder Golf

  • Fixed an issue with Gatekeeper (The Masoleum's Boss) having static effects (arcane spheres) that persist after the creature's death

Creature AoE Abilities
  • Added some additional safety checks on various creatures with AoE abilities to prevent players from potentially being hit more than once in a single ability activation

Ship Spawns
  • Ship spawners have been increased in frequency and now occur every 30-60 minutes (previously was every 60 minutes)

Mastery Chain Bonuses
  • Fixed an issue with Trap and Wand Damage bonuses displaying incorrect numbers: correct amounts should be Bronze (4%), Silver (5%), and Gold (6%)

Hidden Creatures
  • Players can now cast Heal, Cure, Bless, or Greater Heal on invisible tamed/summoned creatures they control

  • The Trample Trait should now correctly boost Sabeartooth's Chill Charge ability

Cloth Rotation
  • Players can now use the Interior Decorator tool on locked down Cloth and Rare Cloth to rotate them, and in the case of rare cloth (such as Ossuary Cloth), can use it to switch between standard cloth graphic (square) and rare cloth graphic (short + folded)

Treasure Map Chests
  • Fixed a number of invalid locations for Treasure Map Chests (due to previous patch's Map updates)

  • Fixed handling on Tailoring "Melee Damage Reflection" mechanic to correctly use base damage from creatures (before player damage reductions for Aspects, Armor, Arcane Runes, Region Bonuses, etc)

  • Players now receive system messages when the Taunt ability's cooldown has expired

Accuracy Bonuses
  • Accuracy bonuses to melee weapons from items (Colored Materials, Magical Properties, Aspects, Mastery Chains, etc) are now capped by a player's base melee accuracy coming from melee skill (i.e. players cannot simply have 0 melee skill and stack Aspects + Mastery Chains + Magical gear to create a dexer-char)


A player with 100 Swordsmaship who has a 50% chance to hit their target can receive a max of up to +50% melee accuracy bonus from items (for a total of 100% chance to hit)
A player with 50 Swordsmaship who has a 25% chance to hit their target can receive a max of up to +25% melee accuracy bonus from items (for a total of 50% chance to hit)
A player with 0 Swordsmaship who has a 0% chance to hit their target can receive a max of up to +0% melee accuracy bonus from items (for a total of 0% chance to hit)
Yay thanks for accuracy fix. If you have a high end weapon + high aspect + fencing bonus, could that make fencing more useless since you will be capped at 50% instead of 60% potentially? (maybe 100% is always 100... and not needing to go to 110)
Shadow Backstab accuracy is no longer working on mobs with over 100 wrestle when player is at GM weaponskill. Thinking this unintended from latest accuracy changes. Since players are capped at 100% for things with 100 weaponskill any mob over 100 skill causes no increased accuracy to benefit which negates the shadow armor's intended purpose.