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PATCH Patch Notes for August 22, 2019


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Patch Notes

Accuracy Bonuses
  • The adjustment to Accuracy Bonuses from the previous patch has been removed and replaced with the following:
  • Accuracy bonuses to melee weapons from items (Colored Materials, Magical Properties, Aspects, Mastery Chains, etc) are now capped by a player's base melee skill for that weapon


A player with 100 Swordsmaship can receive a max of up to +100% melee accuracy bonus from items
A player with 50 Swordsmaship can receive a max of up to +50% melee accuracy bonus from items
A player with 0 Swordsmaship can receive a max of up to +0% melee accuracy bonus from items

House Expansions
  • Players can now increase the maximum number of Co-Owners, Friends, and Ban Capacity of their houses
  • Players can access the House Expansion page for their house by clicking the Expand House button on the Overview Page
  • Clicking the Left and Right arrows in the middle of the House Expansion page will rotate between the type of Expansions available
  • Unlike House Secure expansions, Co-Owner / Friend / Ban List expansions have a flat cost of 100,000 gold (or doubloons) and do not become more expensive if players purchase them multiple times
  • Co-Owner Expansion increases Co-Owners capacity by 15
  • Friends Expansion increases Friends capacity by 50
  • Ban List expansion increases Ban list capacity by 50

  • The Remodeler Achievement's description has been adjusted to "Spend Gold on House Expansions" rather than just "House Secures"

Storage Shelves
  • Two new Enhancements from the Player Customizations menu have been added that allow players to unlock additional Storage Shelf Player Profiles for their characters
  • Shelf Life enhancement costs 1,500,000 gold and unlocks one additional Storage Shelf Player Profile for all characters on your account
  • Top Shelf Stuff enhancement costs 3,000,000 gold and unlocks two additional Storage Shelf Player Profiles for all characters on your account
  • Once a player has unlocked additional Storage Shelf Player Profiles, two small arrows along with a Profile number will appear in the bottom bar of the Storage Shelf gump that allows players to rotate through their profiles (area marked in red in the image below)

  • Players may now unlock multiple Echoes for their characters, with each subsequent Echo increasing the purchase cost by an additional factor
  • Players now have the option to Push their current stats and skills (i.e what they currently see on their character) to their Echo currently displayed in the Available Echo area
  • Players will receive 3 confirmations before attempting to Push their stats/skills, as this will permanently change that echo to match their current stats/skills
Staff hears our voices and makes it happen again! Thank you for the co-owner bump!

Now all we need to do is make an arcane rune of taming that increases taming chance by 10% (so taming 120 pets would be 11%)!
I'm tired of standing in dungeons for 2 hours running a macro for end game content *cries*!