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PATCH Patch Notes for January 14, 2020


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Patch Notes

Artisan Aspect XP and Antiquities Crafting
  • We have revamped the handling on the calculation for Artisan Aspect XP (as well as chances at Crafting Antiquities) to no longer use the Societies Job system as a baseline, and instead directly look at the crafting ingredients involved for each craft receipe
  • 99.9% of crafting recipes now will qualify for Artisan Aspect XP (and have chances at Crafting Antiquities), however Cloth ingredients wont boost the XP value of recipes (since most cloth items can be 100% recycled at no material loss)
  • Commodity Deeds used as ingredients for very large crafting recipes (Board Commodities such as Ships) will now count as 5000 items of that ingredient for XP purposes

  • Players can now purchase Stablemaster Deeds from the Prevalia Market Merchant under the Deeds category
  • Stablemaster Deeds may only purchased with Gold (not Prevalia Coins or Doubloons)
  • Players can double-click a Stablemaster Deed in their backpack while inside a house they own/co-owner to place a Stablemaster NPC at that location
  • Players may only have one Stablemaster NPC in each house
  • Stablemaster NPCs function exactly the same as normal Stablemasters players find in towns (use same Speech Commands and Context Menu entries)
  • Players may redeem a Stablemaster and convert it back to a deed in their backpack by using its Context Menu and clicking the "Remove now!" button

Poker is now being moved to the Live server on Tuesday night with the following caveats:
  • In order to ensure we are 100% confident in the accuracy of our poker game, we have created a logging system that logs every detail of every final poker hand
  • If players experience any sort of error, players should mark down the exact time of the issue and list which players were currently playing in their game (a screenshot is also helpful) and message staff on Discord (ideally) or with an In-Game page (alternatively) so we can look at our hand logs to assess if any bugs occured, and if so, refund players accordingly
  • For the first few days until we are confident in the system, we have capped Maximum Buy-Ins to 10,000 gold, to prevent any lingering bugs from potentially affecting massive gold pots between players
  • We will then return the system to have the full range of gold Buy-Ins possible (10,000,000) very soon

  • Single-clicking an Antiquity item should now display that it is an Antiquity item and which Category it belongs to

Lyric Aspect
  • Lyric Aspect Special Triggers should now reset Barding Effects on bosses once again

Blood Feud
  • Fixed a crash issue with players creating a Blood Feud and recording Treasury payment