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PATCH Patch Notes for January 26, 2022


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Client Draw Distance
  • The Client Draw Distance for Ships and Houses has been recoded to be 18 tiles from the Edges of the Ship/House, rather than the Center (this should help with "pop-in" issues for large castle-sized houses and address some problems players occasionally would encounter with seeing "empty" or "ghost" ships)

  • Quivers now have their own standalone Quiver Layer
  • Suspenders, Leather Satchel, Leather Harness, and Brown Leather Harness now have their own standalone Outer Body Layer

Bloodfall Arena
  • A new arena area has been built within the Corpse Creek region to help players facilitate community tournaments & events
  • The arena is in a lawless/penalty free region

  • The arena is located Northwest of Corpse Creek

  • The Fighting Party size of Carracks and Galleons have been reduced to 2 (players in the 3rd slot of an existing Fighting Party will automatically be removed)
  • Smokeshot Upgrade now has a 33% Accuracy Penalty (previously was 50%)
  • Updated Ship Menus/Hotbars to have a cleaner, less laggy refresh/update handling

  • Spyglass Usage Cooldown (for both Ships and Fishing Spot searching) has been restored back to 6 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon versions of Small/Medium/Large ships would show up as blank names in the spyglass Results Menu

Ship Controls
The following mechanics of a Ship can now only be performed by the Captain of the ship
  • Moving / Steering
  • Fire Cannons
  • Activate Ship Abilities
  • Manage Crew (Ready/Send Below)
  • Nominate Crew Attack Targets / Stop Crew Attack
  • Send / Recall Boarding Parties (non-Captain players can still toggle "Auto-Join All Boarding Parties" to join them)
  • Perform Ship Ramming
  • Docking / Shipping Crates


Non-Captain players on a ship may still board other ships via the "Auto-Join All Boarding Parties to join a boarding party initiated by the Captain

Summoned Followers

  • When a player attempts to Dispel another player's Summoned Follower (with the Dispel or Mass Dispel spells) there is a (50% * (Controller's Printed Spirit Speak Skill / 100)) chance the Summoned Follower will ignore the dispel attempt (this applies to normal summons and Undead summons, so long as the controller has Spirit Speak skill)

Tamed Creatures


  • Embears will no longer belong to the Feral Trait Group, and now will have Pyrrhic Traits

Note: Players will need to reset their existing Embear trait selections to take advantage of the new Traits available, which they can do through the "More Options" button on the Stablemaster Menu and then using the "Reset Follower Level Selections" feature

  • Provoked Creatures now have their chance at experience a Barding Break reduced to 50% of normal (to offset the fact that Provocation involves 2 creatures and therefore has a x2 more likeliness of a Barding Break effectively ending the effect)
  • Fixed an outlier issue where a player Provoking a creature onto another Player or Controlled Creature wouldn't result in a Heat of Battle or Criminal check
  • The Refrain Bard Codex upgrade now only provides 50% of the normal bonuses against Boss creatures experiencing a Boss Break

Mastery Chains

Mastery Chain Links

The Reward Point purchase costs (from Arena Rewards, Society Rewards, etc) of Mastery Chain Links are now as follows:
  • Bronze Link: 100 Points (previously was 300)
  • Silver Link: 250 Points (previously was 450)
  • Gold Link: 600 Points (same as before)

Master Chain Link Reforging Tools
The Reward Point purchase costs (from Arena Rewards, Society Rewards, etc) of Mastery Chain Link Reforging Tools are now as follow:
  • Bronze Reforging Tool: 25 Points (previously was 150)
  • Silver Reforging Tool: 50 Points (previously was 225)
  • Gold Reforging Tool: 100 Points (previously was 300)

Note: Gold Prices for Reforging Tools via the Prevalia Market remain the same as before



Poison Kit
  • Fixed an issue with the the Poison Kit Accumulation Upgrade that was upgrading Poison Sting amounts by 100% more than intended


Pain Spike

  • If there are multiple valid creatures in range of a corpse when using Pain Spike, the ability will select the creatures the player has damaged the most so far (in order to maximize the damage the ability will cause)
  • The Pain Spike ability will no longer check LOS (line-of-sight) between the player and creatures hit, and instead will now check LOS between the corpse and the creatures hit

Poison Strike
  • Poison Strike will now consider all ticks resolved from weaker/previous Poison effects a player has already resolved on a creature (i.e. if a player resolves 2 Greater Poison ticks on a creature, and then upgrades to Deadly, Poison Strike will still remember that player has already resolved 2 Poison Ticks on that creature for determining how many Poison Strike ticks to process)
  • Poison Aspect Armor's "Chance for Extra Poison Tick" can now boost the total number of Poison Ticks resolved with Poison Strike (to a maximum of 5) provided the player has already resolved that total number of ticks on the creature (the All Ticks Resolved mechanic previously mentioned)

  • Players changing Fealty in their Guild Menu to a different player will now require a double-click to confirm their change
  • Players must now be an Officer in a guild to change Notes on Guildmembers (and the player must be a lower rank than them)
  • Players will not be allowed to have their Guild Titles changed while they are currently Flagged as being in PvP

Guild Favors
  • The View Favors page of the Guild Menu will now only show Unused Favors (players can see their Activated Favors on the previous Overview page)
  • Players can now sort their Unused Favors using the arrow buttons in the bottom right corner of the View Favors page
  • Players can sort favors by "Most Recent", "Region", "Bonus Type", and "Rarity"

Town Struggles
  • Fixed an issue where Guilds were not receiving Prestige for participating in Town Struggles
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing stats tracking for Guilds for results of Town Struggles

Shelter Island
  • Players are now prevented from creating Moongates (by either the Gate spell or Sacred Journey Chivalry ability) within 8 tiles of the Shelter Island Moongate
  • Removed Shelter Island from Moongate destination options for Murderer players

  • Fixed an issue where using a Custom Location on a Sacred Journey Moongate would not provide the temporary Damage Bonus intended for the ability

Buff Bar Icons
  • Fixed an issue where the Tracking: Hunting Mode icon on the Buff Bar would stay active even when a player logged in/out
  • Fixed an issue where the Buff Bar icon for Lethal Poison did not have a tooltip label

  • Fixed an issue where a player performing "magical" travel (Recalling / Gating / Hiking) wasn't initiating the intended 30-60 second House Placement / House Survey delay

  • Players will no longer be able to Lockpick containers that are Locked Down or Secure

  • Fixed alignment of Plant Growth graphics to better align with Plant Bowls of varying types

Resource Stockpiles
  • When players fail to craft a Potion when using a Crafting Queue and utilizing a Resource Stockpile as the Source Container, players will no longer receive an Empty Bottle in their backpack (it will simply re-add the Bottle back to the Resource Stockpile)

System Messages
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where "Time Remaining" system messages sent to players or displayed in game menus would often be rounded down to the next second (i.e players would get a notification that a PvP event was occuring in "14 minutes and 59 seconds", rather than just in 15 minutes, or an ability would be available to use again in 29 seconds rather than 30 seconds)

  • Seperated out usage cooldown between Juggling Balls and Juggling Bottles

  • Fixed an issue where the Mount Petram Boss (Terathan Goliath) would sometimes "double-spawn"
  • Fixed an issue where the Pulma Mini Boss (Ancient Drowned Dragon) would sometimes have Wave graphics remain after the boss was killed

Shadowspire Cathedral Boss Room
  • The size of the Boss Room for Shadowspire Cathedral has been reduced and the layout has been simplified



Boating in a party with my friends is (was) one of my favorite things about larger ships. By further reducing the party size on larger ships this not only further encourages more ships on the water in groups (zergs) but removes the joy of playing with multiple friends on a single ship. Botting is a poor display of gaming, which I feel is the reason only one player per IP is allowed in a dungeon. I do not feel it is appropriate for the shard to allow such things on a ship. The most simple solution to botting while not encouraging or practically forcing a zerg, would be a single player per IP per fighting party. Restore the original fighting party counts (3 for larges/carracks and 4 for galleons). Even a boat having 4 actual players in a fighting party is very likely to get smoked by a group of four players on their own ships, so it will not likely imbalance pvp on the high seas.
This is the best I could do without ranting like a vulgar lunatic about how much this change to fighting parties discourages my gameplay. I had a lot of fun, some of the most fun I've had in UO in 20+ years, out on the oceans with friends and that is slowly being chiseled down into something I have no interest in. Please consider revising this change to something that feels less like an attack on friends playing together in an MMO.

Also, in regards to the timer system messages, house refresh was not adjusted accordingly:
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I can't equip my quiver. Its a exceptional regular leather. it says equip for that object is currently unavailable


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I can't equip my quiver. Its a exceptional regular leather. it says equip for that object is currently unavailable
Quivers have been disabled until a client issue is resolved. Keep it in your pack for the time being. Stay tuned to Discord for further #announcements.