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PATCH Patch Notes for July 16, 2019


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Patch Notes

Tamed / Summoned Creature PvP
  • Fixed several potential issues that were causing player's pets to potentially keep attacking other players with abilities while even in Stop mode
  • Attacking another player's pet will now trigger Heat of Battle if the pet's owner has Innocent or Enemy notoriety to the attacking player

Mastery Chains
  • Fixed an issue with Effective Skill Barding Chain Links (such as Effective Barding Skill, Effective Poisoning Skill) that was causing them to not provide their proper bonuses

Titles Audit
  • We will be performing a Titles Audit upon patching that should clear out "broken" titles for players and grant players all titles for Achievements completed on their account if somehow they dont currently have them

Barding Instruments
  • Magical Flutes are now possible items in loot tables

Dungeon Dyes & Lanterns
  • Dungeon hued Hair and Beard dyes have been added to the loot tables of their respective dungeon
  • Dungeon hued Lanterns have been added to the loot tables of their respective dungeon

  • Players with Poisoning skill will now use fractional amounts of Poison Charges when inflicting poison with a weapon onto a creature
  • Players will now only lose (1 - (0.50 * (Effective Poisoning Skill / 100)) Poison Charges when inflicting poison from a weapon onto a creature
  • A minimum of 0.20 Poison Charges are used on each poisoning attempt (if players have bonuses to Effective Poisoning Skill such as through Mastery Chain Links)

Boss Abilities
  • Storm Daemon Omni Boss abilities that Stun now will only have a 25% chance to Stun, but their damage has been slightly increased
  • Storm Daemon Thundercloud ability has a longer delay before striking
  • Fixed a rounding error with a delay in the Emperor Dragon's Wing Buffet ability.
  • Fixed an issue with Lord Bile that would sometimes cause perma-squelching for players
  • Fixed an issue with the Ancient Drowned Dragon where wave animations potentially disappeared before reaching their destination

Misc Abilities
  • Updated the algorithm for Knockback pathfinding to potentially avoid placing players/creatures in inaccessible locations
  • Added safety check ranges for Corpse Explosion effects and Vampire Feed abilities

Guild Favors
  • When a player activates a Guild Favor, it will be announced to the guild who activated it

Aspect Gear
  • Players placing Aspect Gear onto a Player Vendor (backpack or paperdoll) will cause the item to lose its current Aspect

Discord Hook
  • Added code that allows us to broadcast messages to Discord based on in-game mechanics (such as various Events occuring, Help Requests, etc)

Crash Fixes
  • Added some fixes for several fluke crash instances (Lava Elemental, Mount Token, Behemoth Basilisk)

Trap Wire
  • Trap Wire now weighs 0.1 stones

  • Updated corpse name for Broken Idols
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