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PATCH Patch Notes for July 27, 2019


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Aspect Gear
  • If a player is wearing or carrying Aspect Gear, and is killed by another player (so they receive the "Report Player for Murder" window as a result), they will be refunded the Activations used for their worn and held Aspect Gear and will receive a notification informing them of this

Arena Tournaments
  • Fixed a deserialization issue that was causing Arena Tournament schedule to reset on server reboots (and displaying as "1m remaining" until start)

Phantom Damage
  • Fixed an issue with Timed Statics that was causing "Phantom Damage" to occur to players while no monsters were on screen

  • Players will no longer be able to Recycle tool items such as tongs / sewing kits (any item listed under Tools in the Tinkering Crafting Menu)

  • When a player dies, they normally lose 10% of their total Fame and if it was another player that killed them, that attacking player receives 50% of the amount of Fame lost by the dying player
  • A player now can only receive Fame from killing an individual player at most once every 24 hours (a player will still always lose 10% Fame on every death, however)

Guild Favors
  • All instances of Skill Gain bonus in Stored Favors for guilds has been replaced with Experience Gain (Aspect XP / Mastery Chain XP / Pet XP)

  • Non-Boss creatures that have Knockback abilities now will only knock a player back to a maximum of 1 tile away

  • Players will no longer be able to use Scissors on Leather-crafted versions of footwear (Boots, Thigh Boots, Shoes, Sandals) but may still use them on Cloth-crafted versions

Female Armor
  • All armor previously designated as Female-Only (such as Bone Skirts, Female Plate Chest) can now be worn by males

Fireworks System
  • Implemented a new version of Vorspire's Fireworks system

Discord Integration
  • Updated several in game events to have Discord notifications generated

  • Added additional safety checks to prevent potential Barding Effects against bosses from running longer than 60 seconds

Storage Shelves
  • Players should now be able to see and use Orc Helms within the Storage Shelf

  • Players can no longer gain progress on the Backstabber Achievement while in town
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Skill Mastery (120 Skills) achievements from being lost on server reboots

Society Jobs
  • Removed the Cannon Shot crafting society job from future society job generation

Pack Animals
  • Pack Horses and Pack Llamas will no longer be revealed while told to "Stay" if they are currently hidden

Cave Gorger
  • Fixed "An Cave Gorger" in Cave Gorger naming

  • Added additional safety checks to prevent stealing from occuring in the Arena and Faction Bases

Spellbook Displays
  • Fixed an issue that would potentially cause spellbooks to display as having 65 Spells (this was simply a display issue)
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Spellbook Displays
  • Fixed an issue that would potentially cause spellbooks to display as having 65 Spells (this was simply a display issue)
This was a personal OCD thing for me. From the bottom of my cold black heart I thank you