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PATCH Patch Notes for July 31, 2019


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Arena Order Matches
Arena Matches with the Order Preset (both Tournaments and normal Duels) now have the following restrictions in place for templates:
  • Dexterity cannot be above 25
  • Anatomy, Arms Lore, Forensic Eval, Parrying, Healing, Poisoning, or Tracking skills cannot be above 0

Effectively Order matches and Tournaments are now "Tank Mage" tournaments, however we will sporadically be hosting Chaos Tournaments at various intervals outside of the normal tournament schedule (these will have at least a week or two advance notice and will be posted in Discord Announcements)

Aspect Gear
  • Players can now steal Aspect Weapons and Aspect Magic Spellbooks (but not normal blessed spellbooks) from other players
  • If a player has their Aspect Weapon or Aspect Magic Spellbook stolen from them, it will lose its current aspect and the player will be refunded an Aspect Activation if they are currently below their maximum for that specific Aspect (players cannot go above their Max Activations)
  • If a player is killed by a Murderer while wearing Aspect Gear or has an Aspect Weapon or Magic Spellbook stolen, it will now also play a notification sound for the player along with the text notification if they have any activations restored (if they were below their activations maximum)

Region Bonuses
  • Corpse Creek has been removed from the server region bonuses pool of available towns

  • Recoded achievements so if a player completes an achievement and has extra progress remaining, the remaining amount will be applied to the next relevant achievement in the hierarchy

  • Using any ship command will reveal the player
  • Players will no longer be flagged for Speech Throttling while on ships
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive multiple notifications for completing Society Jobs for sinking ships

AoE Spells
  • Fixed an issue where Aoe Spells (Meteor Swarm, Chain Lightning, Earthquake) would sometimes cause multiple Mana Refund or Aspect Trigger chances (rather than for single spellcast)

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes have a persisting Squelch in place for themselves

Ancient Drowned Dragon
  • Fixed an issue where Water Walls from the Ancient Drowned Dragon would persist after ability

  • More fireworks mechanics have been added (we'll be looking at player access for these in the near future)

Discord Bot #livefeed
  • We've divided our Discord bot's feed into multiple channels so players can opt to mute information which is irrelevant to their particular playstyle
  • Factons/PvP/Tournament information will be displayed in #livefeed-pvp
  • Shrine Corruptions and Omniboss notifications in #livefeed-pvm
  • Broadcasts in #broadcasts
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