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PATCH Patch Notes for June 03, 2019


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Patch Notes

Prevalia Market
  • Added a new limited edition cloth hue, Shimmer Lunar (hue 2342), to the Prevalia Market
  • Added Distribution Chests to the Prevalia Market (explained later)
  • Added Outlands Collectable Card Tomes to the Prevalia Market (explained later)
  • Added a large number of new decoration furniture items to the Prevalia Market, most of which are dyeable with Furniture dyes

Prevalia Market Furniture
  • Added the "Furniture" property to a number of existing deco item in the Prevalia Market (such as Wall Shelves and Square Tables) to allow them to be dyed with Furniture Dyes

Monster Shuffle
  • We will be clearing the current Jackpot for Monster Shuffle and will use that gold amount as rewards for our soon to come Midsummer Festival event
  • Adjusted the odds for creature rarity and rebalanced the baseline gold reward amounts for results as follows:

Two From Same Creature Group: 250 Gold x Group Bonus
Matching Pair: 500 Gold x Group Bonus x Match Bonus
Three from Same Creature Group: 1000 Gold x Group Bonus
Three of a Kind: 2000 Gold x Group Bonus x Match Bonus

  • Adjusted the Match Bonuses for Rarity as follows:
Common Creatures: 1x Match Bonus
Uncommon Creatures: 3x Match Bonus
Rare Creatures: 5x Match Bonus

Jackpot Progression
  • Jackpots begin by requiring a player to have a result of 3x Daemons in the same hand
  • For every 1,000,000 gold added to the Jackpot, the type of creature required changes to the next most common Creature Group (i.e. Daemon turns into Wildwood Reaper)
  • There is no jackpot limit, but beyond 30,000,000 gold (since we have 30 Creature Groups) the jackpot will remain at 3x Horse
  • Added a server-wide announcement when a player hits the jackpot as well as sounds + animations in the casino

Monster Shuffle Rares
  • Fixed the graphics on several Monster Shuffle Rares that had incorrect graphics (such as Miniature Guillotine / Miniature Cloth Covered Chair)

Corpse Creek
  • Players should be able to place houses inside of Corpse Creek once again

Barding Skills
  • Players should now be able to gain Barding skill (Peacemaking / Provocation / Discordance) on any creature now (no longer tied to creature difficulty for skill gain chance)

  • Players should now be able to lift an recover an item stolen from them and not have to wait 30 seconds for the item to be movable again

Server Rankings
  • Monster Shuffle Server Rank will now be tracked on Net Winnings (Winnings minus Roll Costs)
  • Monster Shuffle Server Ranks will be wiped for players (and from now on using Net Winnings)

Added two new Server Ranking categories:

Omni Boss Slaying
Damage dealt to Omni Bosses

Completion of Level 8 Treasure Maps provided by Lore Tomes

Arena Tournaments
Arena Tournaments will resume under the following 3 week rotation:

Week 1: 1 vs 1 Order Tournament
Week 2: 2 vs 2 Order Tournament
Week 3: 3 vs 3 Order Tournament

We will be recoding the handling on tournament scheduling shortly to allow us to have both scheduled tournaments and impromtu tournaments (such as occasional Chaos Tournaments or Tank-Mage Tuesdays)

Region Bonuses
  • Fixed several issues with various weekly server bonuses not stacking with other bonuses
  • Removed the "Skill Gain" region bonus and replaced it with "Experience Gain" bonus (this will now be one of the 3 weekly bonuses for Dungeons/Wilderness)
  • Experience Gain bonus increases the rate at which players gain Aspect, Mastery Chain, and Pet Experience while in that specific region (or Wilderness)

Aspect Gear
  • The Command "Inspiration" triggered Weapon/Special Aspect Effect now increases Follower damage by 50% + 5% Per Tier Level
  • The Water Armor Aspect Healing effect bonus now applies to all players and creatures healed by the player (including themselves)
  • Fixed an issue where the Fortune Windfall gold loot bonus sometimes wasn't applying correctly to creature gold loot amounts
  • Fixed an issue where players could occasionally trigger an Aspect Weapon or Spellbook special by attacking or casting harmful spells on a friendly creature/NPC (The Command Aspect can still "proc" by casting beneficial spells on your controlled creatures)

Tamed Creatures
  • Fixed an issue with Smoke Drakes / Smoke Dragon's Steam Attack that was not properly attributing damage from the ability to the creature (meaning it didnt show up as overhead damage caused by the "tamer" and wasnt using the PvP damage scalar for tamed creatures)

Guild Boss Summoning
  • Added a Double-Click confirmation to Boss Summoning from the Guild page

  • Recoded the random timer for IDOCs to fix an issue where collapses would often occur at hour-marks

Looting Rights
  • The guild who did the largest total damage to a boss creature (Lore Boss, Mini-Boss, Boss, Omni-Boss) will always have looting rights to that creature (in addition to other players who also qualified for looting rights)

  • The Pickpocket achievement (stealing from players) is now worth 3 / 5 / 7 Achievement Reward points for completion

Added new Achievements for the following:

Omni Slaying
Dealing damage to Omni Bosses

Using Omni Runes to invade another player's Omni Realm instance (can only record 1 invasion per account per Omni Realm instance)

Completing Level 8 Treasure Maps provided by Lore Tomes

Unlocking Echoes on characters (we are planning on allowing for multiple Echoes per character, albeit and exponentially increasing costs)

Using the House Expansion mechanic to spend gold/doubloons to increase the number of Secure Containers in a house

  • Fixed several issues from last weeks changes to recycling
  • Player can double-click to convert Raw Fish, Raw Large Fish, and Logs into harvest materials again
  • Players can no longer use Recycling to cut cloth items (must be done with scisors)

Distribution Chests
  • Players can now purchase a Distribution Chest which allows them to distribute the contents of the chest to a specified list of players
  • Distribution Chests can be purchased from the Prevalia Market Merchant
  • Distribution Chests function as a normal chest (lockable / securable), however, when a player double-clicks a Distribution Chest, if they have access rights to it (if it's locked down or secured) they will also have a Distribution Chest Window pop up
  • In the Distribution Chest Window a player can add characters to add to the Distribution List, which is the list of potential players to receive items from the chest
  • Players can click buttons to target and add Single players, all members of their Party, or all players currently on their Screen into the Distribution List
  • Players may only be added to a Distribution List if they are Party Members or Guildmembers of the acting player (this is to prevent players from griefing other nearby players by "sending" them heavy stacks of items or huge piles junk items against their will)
  • When the player is satisfied with their Distribution List, they can click the "Distribute Chest Items" at the bottom of the window
  • However, a player must be inside of a house to in order to Distribute items (this is to prevent players from "distributing" items out of dungeons, during field PvP, or outside of event areas)

  • Upon Distribution, each item in the chest is randomly distributed to a player in the list (attempting to give all players an equal number of items if possible)
  • Each container (such as a bag) inside of the base level of the chest is considered one item
  • Each stack of items (such as gold) is considered one item for distribution purposes
  • If a player receiving items is inside the same house as the distributing player, and has room in their backpack, and is alive, their items will be placed in their backpack
  • If a player receiving items is not in the same house as the distributing player, does not have room in their backpack, or is dead, their items will be placed in their bank box using the Bank Queuing mechanic (will appear as soon as bank has room available for the item)
  • All players who are on the Distribution List will then receive a gump window showing the results of the distribution
  • Each line in the results window shows who received each item, with a backpack icon shown if the item was placed in the player's backpack, or a silver chest if it was placed in their bankbox
  • Afterwards, the Distribution list is cleared

Outlands Collectable Card Tome
  • Players can now purchase an Outlands Collectable Card Tome to store their Outlands Collectable Cards
  • The Outlands Collectable Card Tome is available for purchase on the Prevalia Market Merchant

Outlands Collectable Cards
  • Outlands Collectable Cards will now be dropping as rare loot in a variety of places (Monsters, Chests, Ships, etc)

Test Center Login
  • Players who log into the Test Center will see an overhead notification as well as an audio sound informing them they are on the test center

House Expansions
  • Players now have the ability to increase the number of Secure Containers (and Lockdowns) in their houses and boat houses
  • The Owner of a house can click the "Expand House" button on the Overview page of the house to open the House Expansion window

  • Each House Expansion increases the total number of Secure Containers in the house by 1 and Lockdowns by 175
  • The first expansion costs 100,000 gold and each subsequent expansion increases the cost by a further 100,000 gold (i.e. 1st = 100,000 gold 2nd = 200,000 gold 3rd = 300,000 gold)
  • Click "Expand House" and confirm to apply the Secure Container / Lockdown increase
  • Any increase in Secures / Lockdowns will be stored on the House Deed if the player Demolishes the house and will be reapplied when the house is placed again

  • In both the Real Estate Broker Housing Market window and Purchase House window the text will be listed in Green for a house if it has been expanded and has more than the normal amount of Secures/Lockdowns for that house's base type
  • When a player sells a House Deed via the Real Estate Broker, the value of the house will factor in the gold spent for expansions (i.e. the player will recieve 90% of (Base House Price + Gold Spent on Expansions)

Town Criers
  • Added a Staff system to easily update Town Crier messages for upcoming events and server activities

Damage Entries
  • Recoded handling for Damage Entries to be saved during server resets and reboots
  • Damage Entries for Mini-Bosses and Bosses should now last 1 hour (i.e. will only get wiped if player doesnt damage creature for 1 hour)
  • Damage Entries for Lore Bosses, Omni Bosses and Event Bosses will no longer expire (i.e. wont get wiped ever)

Omni Boss
  • Damage dealt to Omni Bosses should now correctly be tracked for distribution of Mastery Chain Links

Shrine Corruption
  • Damage dealt to Shrine Corruption bosses should now correctly be tracked for distributing Ankh Tokens

Boss Results Gump
  • Fixed an issue with certain Bosses not displaying full data for results (such as all 5 Mastery Chain Links on Omni Bosses)

New Player Dungeon / Societies
  • Players can no longer make progress on Society Jobs from creatures found in the New Player Dungeon

Skill Mastery Scrolls
  • Skill Mastery Scrolls now have different hues based on which "Skill Category" they belong to, in order for players to more easily recognize which ones are valuable to them on corpses and vendors
  • Categories include: Crafting, Taming, Barding, Harvesting, Treasure Hunting, Supplemental Skills, and Misc Skills

Treasure Map Tomes
  • Fixed an issue where level 8 Treasure Maps (from Lore Books) lost their unique hue when removed from Treasure Map Tomes

  • Fixed an issue with ship sinking and item deletion that should hopefully improve server performance

Timed Statics
  • Overhauled our code-system for Timed Statics (i.e. temporary animation effects on the screen from boss abilities, player special actions, etc) to hopefully improve server performance and reduce long-term lag that occurs when the server has been running for several days consecutively
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I really like the distribution chest! It is this consistent work done in this shard is it's unique point. Really great work and I appreciate it.

Was'nt command proc the same before? What changed there?
So command effectively nerfed by half =(, i'm level 11, spent a fortune on it!

Can the chance proc then be increased since it sucks compared to previous damage?