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PATCH Patch Notes for June 22, 2019


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Patch Notes

Arena Tournament Schedule
  • Arena Tournament weekly schedule will now alternate between 1 vs 1 Order and 2 vs 2 Order Tournaments (no more 3 vs 3 Tournaments or Chaos Tournaments)
  • Fixed several issues with the Arena Tournament scheduling code

  • Players will no longer be able to purchase Guildstones from Provisioners
  • Players can now click the "Create Guildstone" button under the Players page of their house (only the House Owner may do this, however)
  • All House Owners will be refunded 10,000 gold if they have a Guildstone currently locked down in their house

  • Society Job for "Frozen Remains" has been replaced with "Frozen Dead" and amounts adjusted

Teleport Spell
  • Fixed several issues with the Teleport Spell that were preventing valid teleport locations and allowing some invalid ones

Tamed / Summoned Creatures
  • Using a Context-Menu command for a Tamed or Summoned creature will reveal the player

  • Fixed a text display issue Evening Gloves displaying "blessed" and values twice when single-clicked

Poisoned Weapons
  • Fixed an issue where weapons were losing poison charges while attempting to apply poison to a creature already under the same or lower poison level

Remove Trap Spell
  • Players receive a text warning if casting Remove Trap against a player while that player currently has a Remove Trap cooldown still in effect

  • Shafts should now properly weigh 0.1 stones each

Item Stacking
  • Fixed an issue where Spell Hue Deeds and Furniture Dyes were not stacking properly

  • Small Dyeable Pegboard should now be dyeable

Prevalia Stylist
  • Players who do not have a beard and elect to purchase one from the Stylist will no longer have the beard automatically match their existing hair color

NPC Training
  • Players giving gold to NPCs for training should no longer consume more gold then required for training (i.e. a player dropping 2,000 gold onto a NPC will no longer consume all the gold)

  • Fixed several outlier issues where players dying while mounted in dungeons were not able to retrieve their mounts after resurrection

Player Squelching
  • Fixed several issues where players could unintentionally become squelched by creature abililties beyond the duration of the effect (such as Lord Bile's eating ability)