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PATCH Patch Notes for May 15, 2020


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  • In Sit-And-Go games, for every 5 hands that make it to the Showdown, Blinds should now correctly be increased

  • House Sign Names should now be reset whenever ownership of the house changes
  • If a player deletes a character that owns a house, it should now automatically transfer ownership of the house to another character on that account (if one exists)
  • Players in guilds should now be able to log out instantly at houses where "Treat Guild as Friends / Co-Owners" are toggled for their guild

  • Fixed an issue where the Primordial Statue Antiquity would adopt the wrong graphic if rotated

  • Fixed an issue where a player's ship could sink but their crewmembers sometimes would stay behind; crewmembers are now automatically deleted when a player ship sinks
  • Ship Crewmembers should now attack ocean mini-boss and ocean boss minions when targeted with Crew Attack mechanic
  • Fix for an issue where NPC ship crewmembers would often ignore a player or tamed creature attacking them onboard their own ship in favor of an NPC crewmember on another ship
  • Boarding Pikes ability upgrade now prevents any Boarding Attempts for 30 seconds after used (and should now work correctly)
  • The Fighting Party "Friendly Players" list on the Roles page should now automatically populate with any players onboard the ship who are in the captain's guild if "Treat Guildmembers as Co-Owners/Friends" is toggled for the ship
  • Players can no longer access Pack Animals backpacks (including tamed creatures with the Mule trait) while on a ship

Ship Docking
  • When players attempt to dock at a Dockmaster now, they will now launch the Dockmaster menu
  • Players can dock a ship near a Dockmaster by clicking the Dock Ship button in the Dockmaster menu

Shipping Crates
  • In the Dockmaster menu, the captain or the co-owner of a ship now has the option to request a Shipping Crate
  • If the player owns a house, clicking the Shipping Crate button will charge the player 250 gold (from their bank box) and will transport all of the content's of that ship's hold to the Ban Location of that player's house
  • In order to use the Shipping Crate feature, the player's ship must be stopped long enough so that they could dock as normal (using normal docking delays for combat, if neccessary)

  • The contents of the hold are transported into a Large Crate that is placed at the player's house's Ban Location
  • Because Ship Holds have unique weight and item capacity limits that are higher than normal containers, there is a very good chance the shipping crate will be "overloaded" and players will likely have to drag the crate into their house (or make several trips unloading the container by hand)
  • Players will not be able to Lockdown or Secure a container that is overloaded and above the normal 125 Item Maximum created via Shipping Crates

Reason for this mechanic
We recently added the no-recall restriction to oceans, because we wanted players to be at risk of losing their ship's hold contents while at sea, just as players who are farming in dungeons are at risk of losing their loot when they die. However, once they "clear" the danger of the open waters (i.e. get to shore near a dockmaster), they should be able to move their loot easily just as players who exit a dungeon are freely able to Recall/Gate to head back to their homes with their loot (often using Pack Animals or Pets with the Mule backpack trait)

Once a player reaches a Dockmaster, we consider that to be relatively "safe" and clear of danger, similar to exiting a dungeon as mentioned earlier, and therefore we feel the Shipping Crate mechanic being available in this capacity makes sense and is balanced compared to the risks involved with seafaring

Aspect Gear
  • Players should no longer be able to trigger any Aspect Special Trigger on friendly Ship Crewmembers (via damaging or healing)

Player Stats Profile
  • Fix for an issue that was incorrectly displaying the Weapon Special Chance Bonus for Water Aspect

  • Fixed an issue where Bankers and Stablemasters would respond to any speech from a Murderer
  • Fixed an issue where Bankers and Stablemasters would sometimes not correctly allow a Murderer to use their services while a tournament was starting or underway

Hired NPC Vendors
  • Stablemasters, Dockmasters, Barkeepers in houses should now correctly convert to a deed in a player's backpack when dismissed, and will drop to the ground as a deed if their house decays

  • Fertilizers, Growth Serums, Heat Filters, and Purified Water items should now be stackable
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Great work luthius. Shipping crates was a very thoughtful add-on for ships. Cudos for the idea.

Idk if it's a bug but this scenario has happened multiple times now. Say a boater is fighting someone else... They end up getting stuck on side of the opponents boat if they come in from a certain angle. Other players from opposite guild can than come in and entrap them. Than if opponent is successful on boarding you, they than turn green.
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One more thing idk of intentional or not but...

I understand that enemies boarding you ultimately stops the boat. But the fact that mobs ALSO stop the boat is a bit to much.
Take the boss for instance. It should be hard yes. But, with this update your forced to use more boats ECT. The effect of this means people are more spread out on diff boats. Mobs can spawn from the bosses and land on the boats. Than we are stuck from moving. So on top of mobs spawning on deck with fewer people to combat them per boat. We are now stagnant. Than the bosses can unleash their abilities, resulting in you almost instantly killed and boat sank.


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Yes, we're working on a solution for the ship "sticking" thing. Owyn is looking at adjusting the ship Multi-files because there's some issues with how they're built that can cause that to occur. Boss Mobs should no longer stop boats now though.