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PATCH Patch Notes for November 1, 2021


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Mastery Chains
  • Mastery Chain Experience is now shared across all characters on an Account (and will be retroactively adjusted to determine new Total Experience and Links Unlocked amounts per account)
  • Players can now always earn Mastery Chain Experience even before they have bound a Mastery Chain to a character
  • Mastery Chains can now hold up to 30 Links (previously was 25 max)

  • Players can now use the Repent mechanic (to clear their Long Term Murder Counts) while they have Region Aggression Restrictions in place

Trade Caravans
  • In order for players to contribute towards Trade Caravan Progress for a guild, they must have 70 Skill or higher in whichever Harvesting skill they are using


Harvest Category

  • Players can now encounter Harvest Antiquities as super rare drops that occur while harvesting Ingots, Boards, Leather, and Fish (while at sea) as well as doing Resource Maps
  • In order for players to find Harvest Antiquities, they must have 70 Skill or higher in whichever Harvesting skill they are using

  • Harvest Antiquities follow the same mechanics for "Registering" as other Antiquities, and players can view the list of potential Harvest Antiquities through an Antiquity Manifest

The following represents the collection of Harvest Antiquities possible:


Painting Categories
  • Fixed the displayed total number of Registerable paintings for Portrait Paintings, Landscape Paintings, and Large Paintings (previously displayed as X/0)

Arena and Guild Rewards
  • Added Knights Tabard and Knights Surcoat as new reward items purchasable in both the Arena Rewards system as well as the Guild (PvP General) Rewards system

Knight's Tabard (Middle Torso Layer)

Knight's Surcoat (Middle Torso Layer)



  • Fixed an issue where Heat was not being correctly calculated for heat sources in the Plants system​

  • Fixed an issue where Rural Courtyard Houses boundaries were slightly incorrect​
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs that were placable in houses (such as Dockmasters / Stablemasters) via deeds would lose their equipped weapons/armor/clothing when converted back to a deed
  • Players can now Rotate the direction of NPCs placed in houses via deeds by shift-clicking and selecting Rotate (players must be an Owner or Co-Owner of the house to do this)​

Skinning Knives
  • Fixed an issue where Valorite Skinning Knives would reset their Uses Remaining on each server save​

  • Fixed an issue where the Blood Oath ability was increasing damage for non-Necromancy followers

Candy Corn
  • Candy Corn used to gain entrance to the Haunted Manor will now be stackable

Epic Skill Mastery Scroll
  • Chivalry and Necromancy will no longer show as raisable when using Epic Skill Mastery Scrolls


  • Players must now have reagents in their backpack in order to be able to utilize the Thrifty bonus from the Taming Affinity system (Thrifty gives the player a 50% chance to not consume reagents when casting Cure/Heal/Bless on a Tamed Creature)​

[Stats Page - Player Stats Profile
  • Changed the label for "Spirit Stone" bonuses to "Spirit Speaking" (since we no longer have bonuses for using Spirit Stones)​
  • Fixed an issue where Water Aspect Armor bonuses to Charged Spell Chances were not being displayed​
Interesting changes!

Has there been any word on the Aspect sharing? My initial thought is to agree with the above posters that Aspect sharing should not happen. With how cheap skill scrolls and skill orbs are I think that would really kill any reason to echo. I think leaving it as is will result with people continuing to echo, but maybe not go as deep. Someone might have 1 dexer character with dexer aspects, another character with mage aspects, and maybe even a 3rd character for tamer/bard aspects.


Absolutely love the changes, talk about a reason to PvP again, those new PvP rewards are amazing looking animations - thought I'd be buying them with Prev, instead get to work towards them which is tons better!!