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PATCH Patch Notes for November 20th, 2021


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IDOCs / House Decay
  • The IDOC (In Danager of Collapsing) duration period for housing is now 15 to 60 minutes (previously was 15 to 120 minutes)

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Total Doubloon Value of some player ships to be off
  • Fixed an issue where players were seeing some Salvage Items showing up in their Salvage list multiple times

Prevalian Exchange Officer
  • Fixed an issue where players turning in Books of Necromancy and Books of Chivalry to the Prevalian Exchange Officer would cause a client crash

Ocean Bosses
  • Fixed (another!) issue that was causing Contested Ocean Bosses to not result in Discord or In Game announcements

  • For crafting recipes that have specific Material requirements (such as Valorite Trap Removal Tool) the bottom left "Resource Selector" section of the crafting menu will be hidden and not used (a large number of Tinkering Recipes have 'standalone' recipes for each material type because they each have unique skill requirements)
  • Trap Wire now has its own standalone Crafting Category for Tinkering

  • Players should no longer be able to become Hidden/Invisible while inside a Town Struggle Base or the Arena

  • The "Add Water" menu for the Plants system should now default with a blank text input box (instead of having 0 as the default value)

Crafting Queue
  • Players using a Locked Down (rather than Secure) Destination Container will now attempt to Lock Down the item being added into the container
  • If a Destination Container cannot hold a crafted item (due to item limits or lockdown limits) it will then attempt to place the item in the player's backpack, and if unable to do so, then will place the item on the ground

  • Fixed an issue where the displayed Friends Max / Co-Owners Max / Ban List Max amounts weren't displaying their full values
  • Movable Items that are Impassable (such as Lockpick Training Boxes) will no longer block house placement
  • Players will no longer receive a warning for needing a Guildstone in their house when changing the "Treat Players as Friends/Co-Owner" settings if they already have one
  • Fixed an issue where Guildstone warning messages in the house menu would fire off multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where players would demolish a house and then place a new House Boat and then be unable to use the Shipping Crate mechanic

Interior Decorator
Players can now Raise items with the interior decorator so long as:
  • The item is at most 40 Z level above its tile surface
  • The item is at most 20 Z level above the highest point of the house's rooftop

Test Shard
  • Added Pristine Lumber and Immaculate Stone to the list of "Create Item" options available in the purple Player Editor statue on the Test Shard

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Khal Drogo

Nice QOL fixes. It would be nice if the crafting que default wasn't "1". It would be better if it was just blank as well.

Thanks Staff