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PATCH Patch Notes for November 21, 2020


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Prevalia Market
  • New Thanksgiving Items have now been made available for purchase on the Prevalia Market Merchant

  • Steaming Mug, Taxidermy Turkey and Corn Candles are Random Hue items
  • Steaming Mug and Corn Candles are Animated

Arena Tournaments
  • Server Saves will be skipped if a Tournament is currently in place (players will receive a system message informing them that this happened)

Mastery Chains
  • Players can now freely equip Mastery Chains as often as they like (won't be prevented from equipping them), however bonuses for a newly equipped Mastery Chain will not kick in for 30 seconds
  • Players can now only remove Mastery Chain Links from a Mastery Chain Link that they are the owner of (is bound to them)

  • Fixed an issue where poisoned players being bandaged were not always receiving the full amount of healing (bandaging through poison in PvP still remains 0 healing)
  • Fixed an issue where bandaging pets that are poisoned, including through Veterinary Supplies, were not always receiving the full amount of healing (bandaging creatures through poison in PvP still remains 0 healing)

Event Bosses
  • Added support for staff to create overworld versions of existing Lore Bosses, Mini-Bosses, Bosses, Shrine Bosses for events and other activities

Wilderness and Ocean Slayers
  • In addition to our existing "Dungeon" Slayers, players will now begin seeing Wilderness Region and Ocean Region Slayer weapons, spellbooks, instruments appearing as loot in the overworld
  • Ocean Slayers increase the damage players deal to creatures while on a ship, and Wilderness Slayers increase the damage players deal to creatures in any location that isn't a Dungeon, Town, Ocean, or special region (Omni Realm, Stygian Rift Arena, etc)

Wilderness and Ocean Rare Drops
  • In addition to Wilderness and Ocean Slayers, players now have the chance to receive rare item loot drops in Wilderness and Ocean hues similar to our current Dungeon Hues rare item loot drops
  • Players can potentially find the following items in Wilderness and Ocean Hues: Rare Cloth, Footwear, Carpet Dyes, Shield Dyes, Furniture Dyes, Runebook Dyes, Headwear Dyes, Backpack Dyes, Hair Dyes, Facial Hair Dyes, Lanterns, and Spell Hues

Creature Abilities
  • Apophite Spirits when killed will spawn Spirit Asps, however they will now die 5-10 seconds later and not generate loot on death

Crash Fix
  • Fixed a crash issue related to Aggression Restrictions that caused several crashes

Player and Guild Rename Deeds
  • Player Rename Deeds and Guild Rename Deeds now have a double-click confirmation to confirm name changes