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PATCH Patch Notes for November 6, 2019


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Dungeon IP Restrictions
  • Players can now only have one character on any of their IP addresses in any dungeon (Except New Player Dungeon) or Omni Boss Region at any time, including logged out characters
  • Players who attempt to enter any Dungeon (Except New Player Dungeon) or Omni Boss region while an existing character on their IP Address (logged in or logged out) is currently within a dungeon will be immediately ejected to the entrance (or to Prevalia / Corpse Creek in the case of Omni Boss Regions)
  • Players will be notified by system message (in red font) the name of which of their characters is currently logged out in a dungeon if they are ejected for this reason
  • We will be adding an IP account exemption system (for players living with friends/roommates/significant others using the same IP address) for this Dungeon mechanic very shortly

Server Saves
  • We have dramatically overhauled our server save code and been able to reduce server saves times between 50-75% (typically a reduction of 5 seconds per save)

Ghosts and Resurrection
  • Fixed an issue where players dying in a dungeon could still immediately see creatures/items/players on their screen upon death
  • Fixed an issue where players resurrecting in a dungeon would not be able to see certain creatures/items/players on their screen

Ship Construction Costs
  • Ship Construction Costs have been overhauled, with an emphasis on removing the number of Mastercrafting Diagrams required, but increasing the amount of harvestable resources required somewhat

Ship Constructions Costs are now as follows:

Small Ship Deed (85 Carpentry Skill)
2000 Boards
200 Iron Ingots
200 Cloth

Small Dragonship Deed (90 Carpentry Skill)
2000 Boards
200 Iron Ingots
200 Cloth

Medium Ship Deed (95 Carpentry Skill)
3000 Boards
300 Iron Ingots
300 Cloth

Medium Dragonship Deed (100 Carpentry Skill)
3000 Boards
300 Iron Ingots
300 Cloth

Large Ship Deed (105 Carpentry Skill)
1 Board Commodity
500 Iron Ingots
500 Cloth

Large Dragonship Deed (110 Carpentry Skill)
1 Board Commodity
500 Iron Ingots
500 Cloth

Carrack Deed (115 Carpentry Skill)
1 Mastercrafting Diagram
2 Board Commodities
1000 Iron Ingots
1000 Cloth

Galleon Deed (120 Carpentry Skill)
2 Mastercrafting Diagrams
3 Board Commodities
1500 Iron Ingots
1500 Cloth

Ship Salvage System
  • A new Ship Salvage system has been integrated
  • Players will be able to access the Ship Salvage system from any Salvage Foreman stationed at each location that contains a Dockmaster currently
  • Players can use the phrases "Salvage", "Recover", "Remnant", "Random", or "Buy" near a Salvage Foreman to access the Salvage System

  • When a player's ship sinks, they will now have an opportunity to recover the Ship Deed as well as any installed Ship Upgrades and Ship Crewmembers
  • Players must wait 30 minutes after their ship sinks before those ship items become available for salvage recovery, however

  • If an enemy player sinks another player, there is a small chance that they will be able to recover some of those items as well

  • If a player ship is sunk by an enemy NPC ship, the Ship Deed and all installed Upgrades and Crewmembers will become available for Ship Salvage recovery at a Salvage Foreman
  • Pricing options for recovery are available in both Gold as well as Doubloons, with prices varying based on Ship Type, Upgrade Type, and Crewmember Rank
  • Any item that becomes available for Salvage can be recovered within the next 14 days (but are automatically deleted after that point)
  • If a player's ship is sunk and another enemy player's ship dealt damage to them, there is a (10% * (Enemy Ship Damage Percent Dealt)) chance for each item (Ship Deed, Ship Upgrade, Ship Crewmember) that the enemy player instead recovers the item
  • Items recovered by enemy players are considered "Ransomed", as they have an option to set recovery prices for the original owner (or can choose to collect the item themselves for free)

  • Players can click the Arrow buttons in the bottom right section of the Ship Salvage page to switch display modes for items
  • "Show Salvage Items" shows all items that are currently available for recovery
  • "Show Ransom Items" shows all items the player has recovered from enemy ships and is considered "Ransomed" to other players
  • Ransomed items can be collected freely using the Collect Item button
  • A player can use the "Edit Prices" button to set a Gold and/or Doubloon price for the item that the original owner can pay them to recover the item
  • Setting a Ransom price value of -1 for a specific currency will make the item unavailable for recovery with that currency

Ship Crewmembers
  • Players can now upgrade a Ship Crewmember’s Loyalty Level while at sea and will immediately update the displayed Ship’s Bonuses
  • Players must now the deed to a ship in their backpack in order to remove any Upgrades or Ship Crewmembers from the ship
  • Fixed an issue from a recent patch that unintentionally reverted some Ship Crewmembers hit points to 500; all Ship Crewmembers with less than 600 hit points (using 600 to account for any possible recent loyalty upgrades) have had their hit points have been randomly regenerated based on their Profession and Rank

Ocean Mini-Boss and Ocean Boss
  • Fixed an issue where the Ocean Mini-Boss and Ocean Boss would not show up on Tracking results

Bank Queuing Mechanic
  • Fixed an issue with displaying messages and stacking of items when using the Bank Queueing (the mechanic that schedules items to appear in full banks when space becomes available)
  • Players will now receive a message as to how many items currently remained Queued in their bank when items are deposited using the mechanic

  • Continuously triggering actions that prompt Captchas (such as Mining / harvesting) without answering the captcha will result in an automatic Captcha Failure.

Pet Stabling
  • Player pets will be automatically stabled if the player is forcibly disconnected for any reason

  • Fixed an issue where “Jail Reason" Descriptions would reset on server reboot

House Decorator
  • Fixed an issue where players could inadvertently use the House Decorator tool to move an item outside of the their house’s Region

System Messages
  • Fixed a number of system messages to players to have more uniform response text (such as for harvesting, bank queueing, etc)

  • 30 New House types have been made available to players through the Real Estate Broker and can be previewed through the House Survey Tool
  • Players can also view information for these new houses on https://uooutlands.com/wiki/Houses with all new houses marked as "NEW" in the listings

Grand Fortress
Cost: 26,050,000
Secures: 52

Knight's Tower
Cost: 750,000
Secures: 9

Lightstone Adobe Shoppe
Cost: 1,150,000
Secures: 11

Lightstone and Wood Bungalow
Cost: 2,150,000
Secures: 15

Lightstone and Wood Loft
Cost: 750,000
Secures: 9

Lightstone and Wood Residence
Cost: 450,000
Secures: 7

Lightstone and Wood Villa
Cost: 1,850,000
Secures: 14

Lightstone and Wood Villa with Tower
Cost: 2,450,000
Secures: 16

Lightstone Beamed Villa
Cost: 450,000
Secures: 7

Lightstone Mansion
Cost: 3,050,000
Secures: 18

Lightstone Small House
Cost: 50,000
Secures: 3

Limestone and Plaster Lookout
Cost: 350,000
Secures: 6

Limestone and Plaster Redoubt
Cost: 2,450,000
Secures: 16

Limestone Keep
Cost: 3,850,000
Secures: 20

Limestone Fortress
Cost: 6,850,000
Secures: 27

Limestone Mercantile Tower
Cost: 850,000
Secures: 10

Limestone Small House
Cost: 50,000
Secures: 3

Norse Chalet
Cost: 1,950,000
Secures: 14

Norse Farmstead
Cost: 4,050,000
Secures: 21

Norse Grand Lodge
Cost: 10,950,000
Secures: 34

Norse Great Hall
Cost: 2,850,000
Secures: 17

Norse Great Lodge
Cost: 1,050,000
Secures: 11

Norse Lodge
Cost: 750,000
Secures: 9

Norse Longhouse
Cost: 2,150,000
Secures: 15

Norse Small House
Cost: 50,000
Secures: 3

Norse Watchtower
Cost: 450,000
Secures: 7

Shingled Merchant's Outpost
Cost: 1,650,000
Secures: 13

Shutter Cottage
Cost: 150,000
Secures: 4

Grand Keep
Cost: 15,350,000
Secures: 40

Cost: 4,550,000
Secures: 22
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Amazing patch!

A couple question/comments:

1) What forcible disconnection event constitutes stabling of the player pets? Last night the server crashed and my pets didn't get automatically stabled. I was in a dungeon fighting mobs and when I reconnected, I still had my pets down there with me.

2) Solo players are going to have a hard time taming smoke dragons now. Usually requires 2 people to sit there and tame a 120 pet that goes in and out of stealth. A bard to peace it and a tamer to tame it.