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PATCH Patch Notes for October 16, 2020


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Heat of Battle
  • Any aggressive action that generates a Heat of Battle Timer such as attacking another player, attacking another player's pets, stealing, going criminal, etc will automatically set the "Recently in PvP" flag lasting for 2 minutes for the player, which will deactivate Aspect Gear, Mastery Chain Bonuses, PvM Skill Bonuses, etc for them during that timeframe

Tamed and Summoned Creatures
  • Tamed and Summoned Creatures MUST now be in Attack Mode (i.e "All Kill") in order to damage players or other tamed/summoned creatures and will no longer auto-attack players or tamed/summoned creatures in Guard or Patrol mode
  • Fixed an issue where attacking another player's pets would previously flag BOTH players (attacking player AND defending pet owner) as being "Recently in PvP": this will now only trigger the "Recently in PvP" effect for the attacker due to the Heat of Battle change listed above
  • The Backstab mechanic for pets now provides a +150% damage bonus against other creatures (previously was +100%) to account for stealthing action delays
  • Removed a handful of "free-floating" Mount Token pets that were the results of earlier bugs with Mount Tokens + Town Struggles and a few other misc Mount-Token related issues
  • Fixed a grammatical issue with the Robust Enchancement pet trait description

Catch of the Week
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some recent Catch of the Week results to not resolve correctly (we'll be re-resolving last week's results to ensure player get their reward points for it)
  • If a player contributes an aquarium creature to a CoTW category, they are now guaranteed at least 1 Reward Point for that category

Stygian Rifts
  • Stygian Rift Matches will now last for 20 minutes
  • Stygian Rift Matches will now try to matchmake and prioritize placing teams that are within 100 ELO Rating of each other into in matches against each other
  • Stygian Servitors are now worth a total of 100 Points

Town Struggles
Andarian, Prevalian, and Cambrian NPC guards will now display as Invulernable (yellow) to players who are participating in a Town Struggle

Player Kills
In addition to the normal points stealing mechanics, the following now also occurs on player kills:
  • The opposing team earns 20 Points
  • Each player involved in the kill now earns an additional (20 * Damage Percent Dealt) Individual Points

Control Points
When a player earns a cumulative 60 Individual Points from controlling any zones, they will now be blocked from earning any further Control Points until either one of the following occurs:
  • An opposing player dies where they were the top damager or dealt at least 25 damage to them
  • 2 Minutes Pass
Once either of these occurs, players will be allowed to earn another cumulative 60 Individual Points (this will repeat indefinitely)

Dungeon Flashpoints
  • Fixed the level 1 region area for Ossuary Dungeon for Dungeon Flashpoints that was registering incorrectly

Disguise Kits
  • Players will no longer be able to choose their name when using Mastercrafting Disguise Kits, but will still be able to "reroll" their name by clicking the "Alias" button any number of times

Lore Page Tome
  • Single-clicking a Lore Page Tome will display the total number of pages held in the tome

Trap Wire
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some Trap Wire types that apply debuff effects (such as Pierce) to not apply for the full 60 second duration

Trash Barrels
  • Trash Barrels will now automatically empty as soon as they hit 125 total items inside

Explosion Potions
  • Stickied Explosion Potions on NPC Crewmembers should no longer damage Ship Crewmembers friendly to the player who threw the explosion potion
  • Explosion potions will no longer follow Ghost players who had telekinesis on them before death

  • Players may now use Juggling Balls and Firebreathing Oil in the Arena

  • Fixed location and Hiking Destinations for the Andaria Ruined Tower POI

Boss Results
  • Boss Results should now be cleared after 7 days (previously was every 30 seconds)

  • Names for Echoes should now stay on server reboot

Loot Drops
  • Trap Wire will no longer drop as loot in containers (dungeon chests, treasure map chests, etc)
  • Potions will no longer drop as loot (on creatures, in dungeon chests, etc)

Polymorph Spell
  • Players will remain Grey for 30 seconds after the Polymorph spell expires or when the player cancels the spell, to prevent an issue where players would attempt to "lure" other players to attack them the moment they end the spell and turn blue

Character Creation
  • Whenever players create a new character, that characters default Appearance Features will automatically be unlocked for them in the Wig Stand (i.e. can always revert to those initial Hues/Styles)

Guard Whacking
  • Whenever an Ocean Creature is "guard-whacked" due to entering a Town Guard Zone, it will now leave a corpse behind

Ship Upgrades
  • Fixed a display issue for the Strangelands Paint Hue in the Ship Upgrade Deed display menu

Society Jobs
  • Fixed an issue where Fungicides and Farmer's Almanacs crafting Society Jobs were being created and not factoring in their new crafting amounts / stacking amounts

Chain Lightning / Meteor Swarm
  • Fixed an issue where Chain Lightning and Meteor Swarm were not properly firing off against creatures

LOS (Line-of-Sight)
  • Fixed an issue where LOS (line-of-sight) would sometimes be treated as being blocked when looking at the contents of a container due to the height of items in its parent container
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Gimp Melee

The disguise kit change is pretty unfortunate, being able to have custom names really let people be creative with their style of stealing. I'm trying to wrap my head around why this change came, any reasoning behind this?
Back to the good ol days of obvious thief names. For a play-style that has remained pretty much untouched on this shard compared to others, having the custom names was refreshing to see.

Hope to see some positive thief changes in the future!


Would love to understand the disguise kit changes. I thought it was an awesome wrinkle in the game to try and disguise your name so not to obviously be a thief. I also think thieves are pretty well balanced so I’m a little bit troubled by the recent thoughts about making it more difficult