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PATCH Patch Notes for October 27, 2021


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Outlands Anniversary Hue: Prevalia Market Items
  • In celebration of Outlands 3rd anniversary, we have now added Limited Edition Shimmer Crystal (Hue 1059) items to the Prevalia Market




Skeletal Mount Token
  • Players now have access to purchasing a Skeletal Mount Token from the Prevalia Market under the "Mounts" category
  • Skeletal Mount Tokens can only be purchased with Gold and costs 25,000,000 (this is intentionally large and meant to be a long-term goal/investment for players)

  • Skeletal Mount Tokens follow the same mechanics and rules as all other Mount Tokens


Tamed Creatures
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases (such as server crashes/unexpected reboots) player's Tamed Creatures would remain logged in without the player logging in (should now correctly "Stash" tamed creatures in this scenario until the player logs back in)

Mana Refund
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes wouldn't receive bonuses to Mana Refund from casting the Mana Drain or Mana Vampire spells on a creature while having a Wizardry Grimoire Upgrade for those spells

  • Fixed an issue where the Lyric Aspect Weapon/Spell "Cacophony" special effect would sometimes trigger twice on creatures

  • Bonuses to Healing Amounts (from Water Aspect, Mastery Chains, Wizardry Grimoire, etc) will now require that both the Healer and the Target have not recently been Flagged In PvP

  • Chivalry Sacred Journey Moongates will no longer prevent players from casting Field Spells near them

Dungeon Plants
  • Removed Hollyhock from the Wilderness Dungeon Plants collection and replaced it with Wild Crocus
  • Removed Fanwort and Papyrus from the Ocean Dungeon Plants collection and replaced them with Ocean Kelp and Sea Grapes

New replacements for Dungeon Plants

Water Source
  • Elm Cupboard and Sink and Marble Sinks should now correctly count as Water Sources

  • Fixed an issue where some dungeon locations (such as Boss Rooms) wouldn't register creature kills towards the correct Dungeon Slaying achievement

  • All decorative Scarecrow items should now be treated as Scarecrows for the Plants system


  • The Test Shard will now automatically wipe houses once per day

Ship Editor
  • The Ship Editor on the Test Shard now has a "Max Crew Loyalty" button which when clicked will set all Crewmember Contracts held in your backpack and Crewmembers installed in Ships in your backpack to Loyalty Level 10