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Playing on high res monitor

I'm trying to play on the classic client, in windowed mode.
Trouble is, back when UO was created, nobody could apparently anticipate resolutions of 1440p :)
Anyway, it looks like windows scaling isn't having any effect on the UO client, and as a result, it's super tiny.
Does anybody know how to force UO to scale up a bit? I'm having a hard time seeing anything.

set windows scaling to 125-150% so you dont need to zoom. i play 1800*1500. to see all tiles is about 1600*1600 in game rez, the rest would not be rendered in terms of mobiles.

i play 1800*1500 in game rez in cuo without zoom... but zoom is nice


With ClassicUO play on 2k with 125% windows scaling and a 4k with 200% scaling. Both of those should make UO look like you are on a 1080p screen. Adjust windows scaling to your taste.

If you are using the original client with steam or razor edit the exe properties like this so it responds to scaling!