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Please Fix Paperdoll Clothing Transparency Issues

If you look at some of the clothing in the Paperdoll you'll see these ugly black "auras" around some of them. I noticed that the fancy cloak and corset have them especially bad. This has been an issue with many texture files for UO Paperdoll Clothing and armor for years and I would love to see some of them fixed on UO:O. I fixed them myself back in the day on other shards with UO Fiddler, for example I removed the giant black aura around the Pheonix helm. It only takes just a couple minutes of image editing to remove these annoying black areas and it would make for much cleaning and attractive outfits. Here is the fancy cloak for example, the black aura around the elbows, this isn't "shadowing" like you see around the legs these are visible black texture blotches. They're a horrible eye sore if you wear anything on the arms or chest, I can possibly even try and find the files myself and fix them with UO Fiddler if staff would use them.
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