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Poisoning Locked Down Food

I hesitate to post this here because anyone who reads it may try it out before someone official can get ahold of the report, but anyway. This morning, just a few minutes

ago, I was messing around on my marble porch with one of the pumpkins i used for my decoration. I decided to poison it with lethal poison to see if it changed color, I

didn't know for sure in twenty plus years of UO here and elsewhere I've never tried it before. It very easily allowed me to poison the pumpkin which was locked down on the

shadowood tables to the right of my porch, but then placed the pumpkin in my pack without taking it off of lockdown first. Needless to say I was quite shocked and my first

thought was that any poisoner could walk up on my porch and poison each pumpkin and take it away, not a major loss but alot of folks display food rares and such like

cupcakes and those are substantially more valuable as both collectibles and re-saleable items too, I wasn't sure whether the "You Are Not Allowed To Access This" part it

shows if you click on something in a house you are not Owner, Co-Owner, Guildmate, or Friend of would prevent this or not, if so likely this was a waste of time, but I wasn't

about to go try it on someone else's porch to see if it worked as an exploit/bug.