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Put in your vacation time!

Ironically I already had the 29th off for a doctor app in the morning (yeah I take the entire day off cause why not?) so I'll get a 3 day weekend to play.
Girlfriend has been notified, pets have been informed, Redbull has been stocked. LEGGO!

Side note: when doing any type of marathon sitting remember to stand up once an hour, even if for a couple of seconds, and stretch. Get that blood flowing back through your body and avoid that heart attack.
Well, if you eat plenty of snacks and drink lots of coffee while playing then the inevitable toilet break would cover the standing up part as you walk to the toilet. (with your laptop)

I already got told "No UO on the toilet!" by my wife though... which would mean drinking a whole bottle of olive oil so my toilet break can be done in 30 seconds or less. Worth it!