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PATCH PvM Testing Patch 3-11-18


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Patch Notes

Account Deletion
  • For testing purposes, players now no longer need to wait 7 days to delete their accounts (should take at most 1 minute)

New Player Dungeon
  • New Player Dungeon has updated spawns including spawns in the newly expanded areas

  • The Paralyze spell will no longer cause Disrupts

Inscription Runes
  • Poison Warding Rune now also adds +20% cure chance to nearby players

Storage Shelf
  • Storage Shelves will now display the total number of items in a player's loadout
  • Players may now store Trapped Pouches and Kindling in Storage Shelves

Trapped Pouches
  • Players may now purchase Trapped Pouches from Provisioners and Mage NPCs

  • Players may now wear Aspect Armor and Weapons in the Arena (both will function as GM-level gear and will not suffer penalties on player death)

  • Dungeon Faction Struggles should now be announced as (Mountless)
  • The next Faction Struggle after a dungeon one will by default be Mounted (unless it happens to be another Dungeon one)
  • Fixed one of the Control Zones for the Inferno Faction Struggle

  • Tamed / summoned creatures should now go through all moongates correctly (provided they are at least 12 tiles away from the player and not in "Stay" mode)

  • Guilds now can toggle "Global War" which makes them at war with every other guild that also has "Global War" toggled, with the exception of any guilds that they have Allied with, or any guilds within their same faction during a Faction Struggle
  • Guilds can change their Global War toggle at most once per day
  • Officers and Guildmasters of a guild can change their Global War setting in the "Overview" page of the Guild Menu
  • Updated the Guild Details page of Invitation Management and Diplomacy Manage pages to display a guild's Faction as well as their current Global War setting
  • Players who have received invitations to guilds can now toggle whether to Ignore any future invitations from a particular guild as well as messages from that guild

Stun and Disarm
  • Players can now switch between multiple settings for Stun and Disarm dictating when they are automatically "untoggled" after usage
  • Players may change these manually by typing [stununtogglemode or [disarmuntogglemode or by going into the Paperdoll -> Help -> Commands and Settings Page -> Mechanics Tab for Stun Toggle and Disarm Toggle

  • Added Leather Cap Restyle Kits (players may convert a leather cap, including Aspect and Colored Material caps, into a Hat Style with the leather cap's original hue)
  • Restyled Leather Caps will have the words "restyled" in their name
  • Players may use dye tubs on items they are currently wearing
  • Straw Hats added to Tailor shop lists

Tamed Creatures
  • The Pack Instincts and Swarm Trait effects will now only do 20% of their normal damage bonus to other players

  • Updated Tracking and Animal Lore creature icons for Aegis Keep creatures and some other misc creatures
  • Fixed the bodyvalues for a few creatures such as Lava Elementals and Searing Earth after the latest graphics patch
Added Leather Cap Restyle Kits (players may convert a leather cap, including Aspect and Colored Material caps, into a Hat Style with the leather cap's original hue)

Really looking forward to the fair application of this feature to all helmet options in the game.