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pvp additions to test server


Xpots are currently useless on outlands and with the current mechanics, there is basically no way to stop someone who’s running away. Explosion potions could be revamped by being heat-seek while having a longer cooldown (10S) and a diminishing return on damage (IE 25-15-5 etc.. This way if you get chased by a few opponents, they will not simply take you down using only x-pots) New mechanics : Instead of having the old 4-3-2-1 that people would always script, make it so whenever you chuck a xpot, you get an overhead message and when it enters the ''ready'' windows, your characters hands are glowing and there's smoke. Would look cool and people wouldnt use automated sys message scripts Implementing back xpots into the pvp scene could also give the opportunity to skilful players to integrate xpot into their insta-hit combos

Like I said above, it’s really hard to chase down people on here, allowing a certain template to use bolas could add diversity and bolas are awesome
SKILLSHOT : Would even be better if it was a skill shot (VIEW OSSUARY NET THROWING MONSTERS, 2x2 zone)

Mount Fatigue//
Self explanatory

Re-enable them but make it so they drain X% more mana than the normal cast. Also put them on a cooldown after use. Theyre also very good for the economy.

ncreased mana regen when the meditation skill is maxed/intelligence it at 100 Increased melee accuracy when the weapon skill is at 100
This is just item based dogshit vomit content.

Heat-seeking explosion potions aren't fun to fight with or against they are simply an item nuisance that everyone will be required to carry.

Bolas are only used when you have the advantage. They support ganks and nothing more.

Classic, mount fatigue. What a useless mechanic that was. Add in pet summoning balls and nightmares that ebolt and firebreath when you instantly dismount too.

Wands aren't good for the economy. They will simply become an item nuisance that everyone will be required to carry.

Less forced items = easier pvp engagement.