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PvP Events and Healing


For starters, a quick intro, I was in SSJ on Atlantic from about 1996 until... whenever we left. Mid 2000's I guess. We were a 100% pvp guild and since I am older now with less ego then before, I will just say we were good.

So with that said, I generally know what I am talking about when it comes to UO pvp. What I have noticed in at least the town struggles is all people do is load up EB and aim for whoever is called in voice, with almost no regard for healing. I suspect there are two reasons for this; one, some people are new to pvp and don't know that healing wins fights - and two, there's zero incentive. I just did a town struggle and just for kicks I basically only healed. I would say I saved at least 15 lives, and helped 100 others. I finished with something like 2700 healing points in almost dead last for the struggle. Huh?

So, my though is lets incentivize healing a little bit - past that of just keeping the stranger alive that's on your team for nothing more then a feel good moment. Healing should count for at least half a point that damage does (if that's how the scoring works, I don't know). Seems as though it counts for nothing or next to nothing right now. It would be great if the events were more then just loading EB and hoping you score a kill.