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Ranger/Sniper build?

It depends if your talking PvM or PvP - archery in general is a little underwhelming in PvM - however, there are several who do decent builds with it - mainly you'd want to stack as much damage as you can Archery, Tactics, Anatomy along with the 3 SDI's Camping, Tracking & Forensics, along with Arms Lore - are all solid PvM damage boosters, which doesn't leave anything for healing - I'd envision an 8x build, anatomy, tracking, camping, arms lore at 80, and taking 80 healing. Put that in an air aspect suit/weapon, and you'd have a rapid fire archer that could get the job done, but your not going to get to the late game really with it.

You could also go hide/stealth, wear shadow aspect, and do back stabs with bows, in general those builds don't have healing at all, and rely solely on potions for that part, but you are popping out, doing damage, then going back into stealth shortly after. 120 Stealth, 100 Hiding, Archery, Tactics, Tracking, Camping, 80 Arms Lore. This is a little more effective as an archer, but end game still falls a little short.