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Remove MCD from some Carp items


I would like to suggest removing MCD requirement from some carp items. Mainly the counters, and if I may, the shelves as well. The counters being free to make like the others would go a long way to deco. Theres no real reason for them to cost upwards of 30k each. It probably made sense in designing the shard but economy elsewhere has risen the price of MCD to where a counter or shelf is pointless.

Another factor is secures on this shard. This is very different, items decaying in locked down but not secured chests. Usually it would just mean accessible but no decay. I do not mind it, in some ways like it, but it limits deco because chest deco is essentially useless. I would lobby for more and any cheap low end house deco under carpentry if possible to make up for it.

I am definitely a nester type player, and really enjoy having a wide range of low value but fun carp items for house deco. A lot of base wooden items goes a long way, and would allow for deco in line with what Owyn has done in every house and shop upper living area in the shard, which I really like that style and appreciate each one. Theres just items that are either unavailable or cost too much to be worthwhile. Prev coin/merchant deco is great and has its place but theres something to be said of a really strong foundation of cheap carp deco.

I would very much enjoy a reply if there is some reason I am wrong in any regard. I could be, and would like to know why if so.

Thank you
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I don't agree, having them cost MCD's adds to the progression and long term involvement in getting a spot on outlands cribs. I think it adds value, it makes you appreciate and consider what you craft. I would like to see more high end craft-able deco not less.


I can see that point of view. And I am all for *more* MCD items. It just seems such a basic itemm to have one on. My main point. Id definitely be all for expanded craftable deco if it means they take MCDs and are something special.


I'm a little of column A and a little of column B on this one - I think there should be a basic option that is craftable without the MCD's - those counters & shelves are a great example as there are no options for them currently - make them non-dyeable even. Then step it up with a MCD craftable one that is fancier, and/or can be dyed... And finally you have your high end versions available on the prev vendors, with shelf runners and other fancy looks.

100% would love more options though.