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Resource spawn frequency

Current delay for resource spawn in one place is about 45 minutes according to my tests. For TargetSelf macroing. Maybe its good for Fishing in sweet locations and Lumber due to around trees count. But for Mining it is too small. Will it be changed on launch? Or it is done for making macro-gathering non profitable?
Just include 45 minutes worth of locations and make sure a bank unload trip is set for unloading in between each location, and as long as the delays are correct, play and watch.

Remember, always stop your macros for that bathroom break though, as unattended gathering is illegal.

Editted 30 mins to 45 mins. I don't know how I misinterpreted that
This is a good question. I have used macros to automate many repetitive tasks in the past, however I've found that I've always preferred the challenges of manually handling most of the mechanics of the game myself.

Maybe this sounds dumb, but I always enjoyed the handicaps I would put on myself such as manually double-clicking potions in my bag if even using potions at all. My goal is always to win every battle without having to go the extra just to prove to myself that I'm capable a victory without the overkill
Anyway you can mine not in caves but on mountains and rocks.
There are little amount of ore but you can macro almost unlimited chain =)))
I've tested West road from Prevalia. It is a long long mountain.
Excellent for getting 100.0% Minig.