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Road Signs Constructed!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Not all who wander need be lost any longer!
The Prevalian Committee for Public Works has recently approved the construction and distribution of road signs along all major roadways across Avadon!


No longer should empty sign posts plague the intersections of our fair highways!

Should you encounter a sign post that was missed by the committee, please tell us about it so we can rectify the issue immediately!

The next Public Works to be voted upon by the committee is the motion to give unique names to all shops in the towns of Avadon.
The citizens of Avadon thank you for this! No longer shall we wander lost, unaware of what the next town will be, will it be of cutthroats, or upstanding citizens!

Where does one vote for the next project? I'd love to see unique names on all shops!
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