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WTB Runebook

Ok, this is how you can search for anything you want to buy:
- go to Outlands discord server and from there select #sell channel
- on the top-right corner use search > select in channel > Sell
- then type what you are trying to find like runebook
- hit Enter.
(or just type on the search field "in: sell runebook" and hit enter)
- scroll down the result list until you find what you are looking for

for example i found a seller called "Dyara: WTS at Cambria Moongate "
that sells:
Full Spellbook 36k
Runebook 15k
Rune Tome 38k
Mastery Chains 160k
Weapon Codices 65k
Summoner’s Tome 65k
Wizard’s Grimoire 65k
Taming Beastiary 65k
Skill Orbs 28k
Supremely Instruments 12k


I hope that helps.