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single pvp events


I see there are a few pvp events for guilded players.
I think it would be cool to get a few individual player events. Maybe a king of the hill were you get points for kills and points for holding a spot
also maybe a last man standing event would be cool also. Have it points per kill and points per person attacked and when you die your out.
could make it more fun if everyone was named the same just like the strangelands event.


Staff Member
Unfortunately "single player" events will always be dominated by players who group up naturally. Friends, guildmates, etc. We simply jump to the next step and require players be guilded to participate in the PvP event system. You can be a solo participant in Town Struggles, Dungeon Flashpoints and soon Stygian RIfts - where you will be paired with random teammates - but as usual, in an MMO where playing together is encouraged, groups will overtake solo players.