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slow skill gain


Dont know if im doing something wrong, but for 7 hours of macroing i got snooping from 55 to 63.

Is this an expected result? On other shards i would gm snooping in one night.
Skill gain here is much slower than other Sharda and is meant to be an accomplishment.

A few things to note that may help:
  • Outlands has an active gains mechanic for many skills, when you kill anything you get 5x gains for 10 minutes
  • Inside shelter Island dungeon you get 10x gains on most skills (crafting / taming are the exception) up to 70 skill level.
  • Type [showskillgain to see your percentage chance to gain, and you will know then if your skill gets an active gains bonus, as you'll see it go up 5x or 10x