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So little items for loot?

Hello, thanks for great map and shard work, i feel what this world is very interesting for explore and play.

My question and opinion is about loot bags content. I found not so many items/gold/reagents in new town dungeon in monster corpses. This is main frustrating thing for me as some kind of semi-casual mmo-player :) I think there should be more loot. But this is only my opinion. Maybe i'm spoiled with osi/uoevolution kind of gameplay. But in general maybe there should be some NEW interest in killing classic skeleton corpses :)

P.S. english is new language for new, sorry
New player dungeon drops only half of regular loot, and the mobs in there are really low level. The loot isn't bad if you go outside to a normal dungeon. The higher level mobs, the higher chance to get special items and magic weapons.


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^ to expand on the accurate reply above from ViolentBeard, the new player dungeon has 50% loot drops, overland have 75% loot drops, and dungeons have 100% loot drops. The trade off is that the new player dungeon has 10x accelerated skillgain up to 70 in each skill, excluding crafting, harvesting and taming.
Also id add, that the loot templates are not complete, mob specific stuff is yet to be added, like basic bone AR on undead etc.