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WTS SOLD - 10x13 spot, currently holds Mable redoubt @ Bonfire POI

  • Selling my current home after moving - Marble redoubt (5 secures, 9x10, 250k deed value).
  • This spot will hold a 10x13 Andarian Two Story (8 secures, 10x13, 550k deed value).
  • This is a great location, close to Andaria, Prevalia, and Pulma.
  • Literally right next to Bonfire POI and, and close to Sandbar POI - both great locations for magic resist gaining.
  • On grass, yet on the beach in moments for a nice swim or boat use.

  • marble redoubt.png
UPDATE: marble redoubt dropped, and placed a small to hold the spot. $149k, great location!! Buy directly from the house sign.