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Storage Shelf - For Testing


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Storage Shelf

Players can store resources and GM-quality weapons and armor within a Storage Shelf and quickly re-equip their character from a customized Loadout

For potions, only the highest level potions (Greater Heal, Greater Cure, etc) can be stored in a Storage Shelf.
The exception to this is Poison potions, for which only Deadly (and not Lethal) can be stored.


The main part of the page shows items currently being stored in the storage shelf and how many of them are currently being held. In the case of weapons and armor, changing the material type of the item will display how many of that material type are being held.

The upper right part of the page displays Settings and Actions

The right part of the page shows your character's current Loadout and a button to Begin Resupply based on that loadout

The bottom row of the page shows buttons for Item Categories that allows a player to switch what types of items will display in the main page: 

  • Resources (Reagents, Potions, Containers, Bandages, Ammunition, and Lockpicks)
  • Tailored Armor (Leather, Studded Leather, Bone)
  • Smithed Armor (Ringmail, Chainmail, Platemail)
  • Swordsmanship Weapons
  • Macing Weapons
  • Fencing Weapons
  • Archery Weapons
  • Shields

The Place Resources Into setting selects which type of container any resources (reagents, potions, bandages, ammunition, lockpicks) will be dropped into.

If a player already has any stacks of those types of resources already in their backpack somewhere, it will first attempt to add them into an existing stack first, instead of a new container of that type.

If the Use Normal Materials If Neccessary button is toggled, and a player attempts to restock with a loadout containing colored weapons or armor (such as a valorite viking sword), if insufficient items of that material are currently in the storage shelf, it will attempt to replace the item with a basic material (such as an iron ingot viking sword) version of the item instead.

During our testing, clicking the Restock button will completely fill up the Storage Shelf with items if any particular items get low.

If a player wants to retrieve a specific number of an item, they can click on the downward arrow next to the item and then enter the specific amount into the resulting text window.

Editing Loadouts

When the Edit Current Loadout button is toggled, the main window turns into a loadout editor, with each item having a checkbox.

To go back to viewing how many items of each type are currently held within the Storage Shelf, deselect the Edit Current Loadout button

Any items that have their boxes checked, will have up/down arrows and an amount displayed. These items are part of the player's current loadout and will be displayed in the My Current Loadout portion of the page.

To remove an item from your loadout, deselect it's checkbox or click the down arrow until it's desired amount is zero.

Weapons and Armor in a loadout can be set to be of different material types: clicking the arrows next to the material selectors at the bottom of the main area will change the material type of all related items in the main page.

Players can add multiple items of the same type, but from different materials, in this manner into their loadout (such as a shadow iron viking sword and a valorite viking sword). 

To remove a colored material item from your loadout, make sure the material selector is set to match the color of the item you want to remove and then deselect it's checkbox or click the down arrow to zero.

When a player eventually resupplies, any equipped items in a loadout will automatically be equipped if possible, and will be placed in the player's backpack if not.

Make sure in your loadout you have added at least one container of the type you have selected for Place Resources Into, otherwise during a resupply items will be simply placed into the top level of your backpack (if they can't be stacked into existing piles).

If you have 15 or more different types of items in your loadout, the Left Arrow and Right Arrow buttons can switch between pages of the loadout.

When you are ready to resupply your character from your current loadout, click the Begin Resupply button.

It should be noted that each individual character has their loaded "saved" for their character. A character that edits their loadout at one storage shelf, and then accesses a different storage shelf, will see the same loadout selections they made at that first shelf; the information is tracked and saved on a per-character basis.

Once you have clicked Begin Resupply, the Storage Shelf will attempt to equip you with any weapons or armor that are part of your loadout that are not currently on your body or in your pack, and will place resources in your pack to bring your currently held totals up to the amount specified in the loadout.
I want to be able to manually write in what number of things I need, instead of the incremental version that is current.

Also have profiles saved on the actual storage shelf and not be character related - not sure if this is the case already.

Enable players to add some custom items to it.